This Web site, and the FromDC2Iowa blog, link to literally thousands of individual Web pages and documents. Most, but far from all, were created by Nicholas Johnson. This “Resources” page is a work in progress, with a goal of easing users’ access to that material. The currently proposed list of topics — now with no links to pages and documents — is below.

Meanwhile, (1) the Google search widget in the right hand column can be used to search either this Web site, or the 900-plus blog entries in FromDC2Iowa, with whatever search terms you wish to use. For example, for blog entries regarding TIFs you would click the button for the blog, enter TIF in the search box, and click on the Search box. (2) The “Resources” page from the prior version of this Web site is still available.

— Nicholas Johnson, July 5, 2012; three links added June 6, 2015

Here is the current, evolving (and now mostly inactive) listing of topics for which the current intention is to create individual pages with at least samples of available material:

  • Administration, Governance, Management
  • Alcohol
  • Athletics
  • Binge Drinking, see Alcohol
  • College Football, see Athletics
  • Cyber (business, law, privacy, public policy, security, terrorism, warfare)
  • Economics (TIFs, economic development and attractions)
  • Education (K-12, higher education, legal education, University of Iowa)
  • Federal Communications Commission, see Media
  • General Semantics (and see, Johnson, Wendell)
  • Governance, see Administration
  • Government and Politics
  • Internet, see Cyber
  • Johnson, Wendell (and see, General Semantics)
  • Law and Policy
  • Legal Education, see Education
  • Management, see Administration
  • Media (FCC, reform, studies)
  • Memorials (Wendell Johnson, Fran Riecken, Al Sherman, Margaret Vasey, David Vernon)
  • Sports, see Athletics
  • University of Iowa, see Education