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University of Iowa Libraries Special Collections and Archives

Nicholas Johnson’s Archives are contained in hundreds of boxes of documents, plus film, video, and audio recordings (some digitized, most not) maintained within the University of Iowa Libraries Special Collections.

The collection is referenced as a part of the Library’s extensive “Collections Supporting Television & Film Studies at the University of Iowa Libraries.” Depending on the subject being researched, there may be others’ papers of relevance within this large collection.

Special Collections also maintains an archive of the records of the National Citizens Committee for Broadcasting (1967-1976), a media reform organization for which Nicholas Johnson served as chair, 1974-1976.

A search for “Nicholas Johnson” at “Infohawk+ Special Collections” brings up a sample collection of 26 presidential letters and other items.

A relatively thorough and lengthy Index of the Contents of Nicholas Johnson’s Archives is organized into four parts:


Part I (1949-1966)

Part II (1966-1973)

Part III (Post 1973)

Because the material has been provided to Special Collections and inventoried over time, there is not a single numbering system for the boxes, although Parts I-III are organized roughly chronologically.


Part I


Pre-1952 series, Boxes 1-9

1952-1958 series, Boxes 1-10

1958-1959 series, Boxes 1-7

1960-1963 series, Boxes 1-39

1963-1964 series, Boxes 1-13

1964-1966 series, Boxes 1-80


Part II


1966-1973 series, Boxes 1-678

(includes 1978 Addition series, Boxes 654-678)


Part III


Post-1973 series, Boxes 679-731

Four unnumbered boxes (photographs, unframed photographs, bound and mounted plaques and awards, unmounted certificates, awards, etc.)

Inventory Supplement, October 1995

Unnumbered A-W Boxes (23)

A1-A24 series (24)

Plus uncounted boxes yet to be sorted, inventoried, properly boxed and stored