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Nick’s Newest Hard Copy Publications (2017)

See below, and the bottom of this page, for Nick’s Hard Copy Publications (2016) (2015) and (2014) [lists include speech texts when available]; “Recent Publications” for 1996-July 24, 2016; and the column to the right, on this page, for the latest FromDC2Iowa blog essays [up to October 20, 2016, while this page is being redesigned]

“The Vast Waistline & Other Challenges to Education as We Knew It,” 4CAST – Campus Academic Strategies and Technology Conference, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, January 12, 2017 (with full footnotes and link to audio of presentation) [embedded in “Educating In and For a Digital Age,” January 14, 2017]

“Focus on Our Common Values,” The Gazette, January 1, 2017, p. D2 [embedded in Eastern Iowa’s Declaration of Human Rights,” January 5, 2017]

Nick’s Hard Copy Publications (2016)

“Republicans Need To Get Their Party Back From Trump,” Iowa City Press-Citizen, October 20, 2016, p. A7 [Embedded in Republicans Need To Get Their Party Back From Trump,” October 20, 2016]

 “Trump Might Not Be Blundering in Race,” Iowa City Press Citizen, September 9, 2016, p.  A7 [embedded in “Trump Might Not Be Blundering in Race,” September 9, 2016]

“Should Sports Allow Drugs That Enhance Performance?” The Gazette, August 17, 2016, p. A5 [embedded in “The Doping Dilemma,” August 17, 2016]

“Include People in Process,” The Gazette, July 24, 2016, p. D3 [embedded in
“Include People in Process,” July 24, 2016]

“Cancer: ‘Of Course; But Maybe,'” The Gazette, July 17, 2016, p. 6A [embedded in “Cancer: ‘Of Course; But Maybe,'” July 17, 2016]

“Focus on Muslims Misplaced After Shooting,” Iowa City Press-Citizen, June 17, 2016, p. A5 [embedded in “Focus on Muslims Misplaced After Shooting,” June 17, 2016]

“Harnessing Progressive Reform to 21st Century Media,” Ralph Nader’s “Breaking Through Power Conference,” Washington, D.C., May 23-26, 2016; Day 2, “Breaking Through the Media,” May 24, 2016 [together with links to a video of the presentation, full videos of each of the four days, along with Conference and Ralph Nader Web pages; embedded in “Breaking Through Power: The Media,” May 29, 2016″]

“What Putin Can Teach Rastetter,” The Daily Iowan, May 6, 2016, p. 4 [embedded in “What Putin Can Teach Rastetter,” May 9, 2016]

“Senate Ignoring the People’s Voice,” Iowa City Press-Citizen, April 8, 2016, p. A5; “Examining the ‘People’s Voice,'” The Gazette, April 10, 2016, p. A5; and “Constitution, Supreme Court, and People’s Voice,” The Daily Iowan, April 15, 2016, p. 4 [embedded in “The Constitution, Supreme Court, and People’s Voice,” April 8, 2016]

“Some Basic Facts About Water,” The Gazette, February 29, 2016, p. A6 [embedded in “Water,” February 29, 2016]

“The State of the Media,” Sunday Speaker Series, League of Women Voters of Johnson County, Iowa, Iowa City Public Library, February 28, 2016 [embedded in “The State of the Media,” February 29, 2016]

“Design Communities to Support Communication, Interaction and Learning,” The Gazette, February 7, 2016, p. C4 [embedded in “Our Communities’ Second Priority,” February 7, 2016]

“Why Support Sanders,” The Daily Iowan, January 28, 2016, p. A4 [embedded in “Caucus With Your Heart and Head — for Bernie,” January 28, 2016]

“Why I’m Caucusing for Sanders,” The Gazette, January 26, 2016, p. A8 [embedded in “Caucus With Your Heart and Head — for Bernie,” January 28, 2016]

“CIVIC’s Gift to Iowa City,” remarks on the occasion of the presentation of the 2015 Citizen Diplomat Award from the Council for International Visitors to Iowa Cities, Vetro Hotel, Iowa City, Iowa, January 27, 2016

“Sanders the Right Democrat for Caucus,” Iowa City Press-Citizen, January 22, 2016, p. A7 [embedded in “Why I’m Caucusing for Sanders and You Should Too,” January 22, 2016]

“Foreword: Censorship Its Causes and Cures,” Mickey Huff, Andy Lee Roth and Project Censored, Censored 2016: Media Freedom on the Line, The Top Censored Stories and Media Analysis of 2014-15 (New York: Seven Stories Press, 2016), pp. 11-19

Nick’s Books

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2013: Test Pattern for Living (2nd edition; Lulu)

How to Talk Back to Your Television Set (3rd edition; Lulu)

How to Talk Back to Your Television Set (4th edition; Amazon Kindle)

2012: From D.C. to Iowa: 2012 (Lulu)

        From D.C. to Iowa: 2012 (Amazon Kindle)

Predicting Our Future Cyberlife, 1970-2040 (Lulu; with 15 Iowa law students)

2009: Virtualosity: Eight Students in Search of Cyberlaw (Lulu)

What Do You Mean and How Do You Know: An Antidote for the Language That Does Our Thinking for Us (Lulu)

2008: Are We There Yet? Reflections on Politics in America (Lulu)

2007: Your Second Priority: A Former FCC Commissioner Speaks Out (Lulu)

[Local libraries that have these books in their collections: University of Iowa Libraries and the Law Library of the College of Law (all titles); Iowa City Public Library (From D.C. to Iowa: 2012), Coralville Public Library (Your Second Priority).]

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Nick’s Hard Copy Publications (2015)

See “Recent Publications” for 1996-present; and the column to the right, on this page, for the latest FromDC2Iowa blog essays

“Rockin’ the Bern,” remarks on the occasion of a gathering of Bernie lovers, music lovers, speakers and musicians, at The Mill, Iowa City, Iowa, December 6, 2015 [embedded in “Feeling the Bern at The Mill,” December 9, 2015]

“Understanding Terrorist Thugs,” The Daily Iowan, December 3, 2015, p. 4, and “What Motivates ‘Terrorist Thugs’?” The Gazette, December 20, 2015, p. C4 [embedded in “Understanding Terrorist Thugs,” December 3, 2015]

“Sober Risk Assessment Needed to Respond to Terror,” Iowa City Press-Citizen, November 28, 2015, p. A11 [embedded in “Syria, Terrorism, Craziness and Common Sense,” November 28, 2015]

“Let’s Seize Our Opportunity, Take Responsibility Seriously,” The Gazette, Gazette Writers Circle, November 22, 2015, p. C3 [embedded in “Anyone for Democracy?” November 22, 2015]

“Parallels Between School Systems Are Staggering,” Iowa City Press-Citizen,” November 10, 2015, p. A5; and “Tim Wolfe Resignation: When Money Talks in Higher Education,” The Gazette (online), November 9, 2015, 4:09 p.m. [embedded in blog, “UI and Higher Education in Context,” November 9, 2015]

“Syria’s Refugees: Job One and Job Two,” The Gazette, November 1, 2015, p. C4 [embedded in blog, “Syria’s Refugees: Job One and Job Two,” November 1, 2015]

“Throgmorton is City Treasure,” Iowa City Press-Citizen, October 28, 2015, p. A13 [embedded in blog, “Throgmorton Is City Treasure,” October 28, 2015]

“Better Ways to Pick a New UI President,” The Gazette, Gazette Writers Circle, September 27, 2015, p. C5 [embedded in blog, “Seven Steps for Transitioning Universities,” September 27, 2015]

Brief of Amici Curiae Reed Hundt, Michael Copps, Nicholas Johnson, and Susan Crawford in Support of Respondents, On Petition for Review of an Order of the Federal Communications Commission, U.S. Telecom Ass’n v. FCC, U.S. Court of Appeals, D.C. Circuit, September 21, 2015, David T. Goldberg and J. Carl Cecere, attorneys (this link goes to a pdf file)

“Create a Caring Community,” The Gazette, September 13, 2015, p. C3 [embedded in blog, “Three Steps to Creating a Caring Community,” September 13, 2015]

“The Origins and Future of Radio,” document prepared in preparation for, and from which excerpts were used, in remarks on the occasion of KOHI-FM’s third anniversary, Ames, Iowa, August 23, 2015. Audio of that talk is available here, and transcripts of some excerpts, along with additional information is embedded in “Local, Non-Profit Radio’s Future,” August 29, 2015

“Recognizing and Reducing Racism,” The Gazette, Gazette Writers Circle, August 9, 2015, p. C2 [embedded in blog, “Recognizing and Reducing Racism,” August 9, 2015]

“The Militarization of America,” The Gazette, Gazette Writers Circle, July 5, 2015, p. C3 [embedded in blog, “The Militarization of America,” July 5, 2015]

“Building Consensus on Iowa City’s Vision, Future,” Iowa City Press-Citizen, June 30, 2015, p. A9 [embedded in blog, “Coming to ‘Yes’ on New Buildings and Demolition,” June 30, 2015]

“Statement of Nicholas Johnson Regarding TIF Funding of the Chauncey Building,” City of Iowa City City Council, Iowa City, Iowa, June 8, 2015 [embedded in blog, “Chauncey’s TIF,” June 13, 2015]

“Curbing Waste: Bad News, Good News,” The Gazette, June 7, 2015, p. C1 [embedded in blog, “The Price of Our Freedom to Waste,” June 7, 2015]

“Enhancing Everyone’s Experience at Kinnick,” Iowa City Press-Citizen, April 29, 2015, p. A13 [embedded in “Football: Enhancing Everyone’s Game Day Experience,” April 29, 2015]

“Nicholas Johnson Remarks,” John P. Craven Memorial Service, Central Union Church, Honolulu, Hawaii, April 9, 2015 [linked from blog, “John Piña Craven, American Treasure,” February 15, 2015]

“Why You Can’t Win, Break Even, or Get Out of the Game: Watching the Digital Demolition of Our Fourth Amendment Privacy,” University of Iowa College of Business, Ideas & Intersections Program, Digital Privacy, Iowa City, Iowa, April 7, 2015 (plus Power Point slides; both are downloads)

“Plenty to Enjoy About ‘Troll Music,'” Iowa City Press-Citizen, March 27, 2015, p. A7 [embedded in “Tonight, Tomorrow Last Chance for ‘Troll Music,'” March 27, 2015]

“NFL Football: It’s Only Television,” The Gazette, January 18, 2015, p. C2 [embedded in “NFL: Just Another Rigged TV Show?” January 2, 2015]

“Will Germany’s Economic Formula Work for Iowa?” Iowa City Press-Citizen, January 16, 2015, p. A7 [embedded in “Free College Education for Iowans?” January 16, 2015]

Nick’s Hard Copy Publications (2014)

See “Recent Publications” for 1996-present; and the column to the right, on this page, for the latest FromDC2Iowa blog essays

“Foreword,” Richard L. DeGowin, House of Moffitt: The First 20 Years — A Memoir (2014), pp. 13-20

“Sycamore TIF Unnecessary,” Iowa City Press-Citizen, November 23, 2014, p. A5 [embedded in blog essay, “Lucky’s Gets Lucky: $1.7 Million of Taxpayers’ Money,” November 23, 2014]

Vanessa Miller, “UI professor and former FCC commissioner sides with Obama on net neutrality; Johnson: ‘The Internet holds so much promise for everybody,’” The Gazette, November 12, 2014, p. A9 [drawn from an interview with Nicholas Johnson, and embedded in “Net Neutrality: An Interview,” November 13, 2014]

“Six Step Program for Avoiding War in Iraq,” Iowa City Press-Citizen, November 11, 2014, p. A7 [embedded in blog essay, “Six Step Program for Avoiding War,” November 11, 2014]

“Residents Deserve Courthouse Annex,” Iowa City Press-Citizen, October 28, 2014, p. A7 [embedded in blog essay, “Taxpayers’ Money: Government Projects, Yes; Private Giveaways, No,” October 28, 2014]

“On the Local Option Sales Tax, Think Before You Vote,” Iowa City Press-Citizen, October 8, 2014, p. A11 [embedded in blog essay, “Think Before Taxing Poor Additional 17%,”  October 8, 2014]

Becky Lentz and Bill Kirkpatrick, “Wanted: Public Interest Mavericks at the FCC” (an interview with Nicholas Johnson), International Journal of Communication, vol. 8, Sept. 2014

“Is War the Best Answer?” Iowa City Press-Citizen, September 12, 2014, p. A7 [embedded in blog essay, “Whatever the Question, Is War the Best Answer?” September 10 &12, 2014]

“Let’s Stop Making Players Pretend to Be Students,” Iowa City Press-Citizen, August 27, 2014, p. A11 [drawn from and embedded in “Curing a Cancer on the Academy,” August 20, 2014]

“Blogfeed: From DC2 Iowa,” The Gazette, July 20, 2014, p. A10 (The Gazette‘s “Blogfeed” was a hard copy feature (unavailable online) that ran edited versions of online blog essays.) [This one was drawn from “From Earmarks (D.C.) to TIFs (I.C.): America’s Fascist Economy; TIFs — Therrre Back!!” July 15, 2014]

“When Believing Is Seeing,” Iowa City Press-Citizen, July 14, 2014, p., A5 [embedded in blog essay, “When Believing is Seeing,” July 14, 2014]

“Is Texting the Problem, or Just Part of the Problem?” Iowa City Press-Citizen, June 16, 2014, p. A5 [embedded in blog essay, “DWI, DWT, DWD: Keeping Our Eyes On The Road,” June 13, 2014]

“Re-elect Rettig for Supe, She Knows What She’s Doing” (Mary Vasey and Nicholas Johnson), Iowa City Press-Citizen, May 17, 2014, p. A7 [embedded in blog essay, “Re-Elect Johnson County Supervisor Janelle Rettig,” December 29, 2014 [sic]]

“What Is It With the Iowa State Board of Regents?!” Iowa City Press-Citizen, May 16, 2014, p. A7 [embedded in blog essay, “Iowa’s Economic Foundation? Graduate Education & Research,” May 5, 2014]

“Blogfeed: From DC2 Iowa,” “Iowa’s Economic Foundation? Graduate Education & Research,” May 5, 2014 (The Gazette‘s Blogfeed is a hard copy feature (unavailable online) that runs edited versions of online blog essays. This one was published by The Gazette, May 11, 2014, p. A10.)

“Talking TIF: Costs Outweigh Possible Benefits,” The Gazette, April 13, 2014, pp. A9, A12 [embedded in blog essay, “Tussling Over TIFs: Pros and Cons; Tough TIF Talk,” April 30, 2014]

“Too Many Negatives, Too Little Upside to TIFs,” The Gazette, March 25, 2014, p. A6 [embedded in blog essay, “TIFs: Too Many Negatives,” March 25, 2014]

“TIF: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Insist on More Transparency,” Iowa City Press-Citizen, March 18, 2014, p. A7 [embedded in blog essay “TIF Apology,” March 18, 2014; with supporting, “TIFs: Links to Blog Essays,” March 16, 2014]

Nicholas Johnson, “Communications Evolution, Revolution and the Role of the Academy,” Keynote Address, Dirty Sexy Policy Conference, Carsey-Wolf Center, University of California Santa Barbara, February 20, 2014

“Public Comments About Public Comments Guidelines,” Iowa City Press-Citizen, February 15, 2014, p. A9 [embedded in blog essay, “Open Mikes at Open Meetings?” February 12, 2014]