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About Nicholas Johnson

Yale Biographical Dictionary of American Law

Nicholas Johnson is among the roughly 700 individuals included in this “biographical dictionary of American law,” described by the publisher as “leading figures in the history of American law, from the colonial era to the present day.” The creator and editor of this volume (which represents the work of some 600 contributors), Roger Newman, describes those included as “the men and women who have devised, replenished, expounded, and explained American law    . . . the most significant in the history of American law [who] have had lasting impact and influence as judged by contemporaries or by history . . . these deserving dead and most eminent living . . ..” Roger K. Newman, ed., The Yale Biographical Dictionary of American Law (New Haven & London: Yale University Press, 2009). Johnson’s entry begins on p. 299. This reference work is available from the Yale University Press, local bookstores, online booksellers, and may be browsed (in part) on Google Books.



This Web site’s “Welcome” page provides links to a (1) “Sources of Nicholas Johnson Material” page, which contains a link to a “Master Bibliography” and organizes material that Nicholas Johnson has created, or with which he is otherwise identified, by “source” (e.g., “law review articles,” “blog posts,” and his 10 “books,”) rather than by topic, and (2) the “Nicholas Johnson Archives” page that provides links to the 1000-boxes collection of Nicholas Johnson materials (i.e., film, video and audio; documents; some digitized, most not) in the University of Iowa Main Library Special Collections.


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