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Nicholas Johnson Material by Topic

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 Advocacy – General

“Democratic Party’s Past — and Future,” July 25, 2016/November 9, 2006 (“Why Trump May Win”)

 Advocacy – Cyber Watch

Nicholas Johnson, “Why Net Neutrality is Our Friend,” “Insight,” The Gazette, June 2, 2017, p. A6

 Advocacy – Media Reform

• See, Nicholas Johnson, How to Talk Back to Your Television Set (especially ch. 9, “What You Can Do to Improve TV”)


“Iowans Keep Alcohol Flowing,” November 19, 2014


142 Links to Wide Range of Sports-Related Online Resources
“Football-Related Blog Essays,” 2006-2015 (40 essays regarding football and the football industry, and its relations to crime, gambling, alcohol and negative neighborhood impact)


Iowa Environmental Project (AKA, “Earthpark,” “Iowa Child,” “Rainforest;” 2004-2006; hundreds of pages, links and analyses of attractions that succeed and why others fail)


Nicholas Johnson, “Bicycles as Problem Solvers”


• TIFs and Crony Capitalism: Links to 40 TIF Blog Essays, 2006-2015

Entertainment Business

“John Oliver: Stand-Up Comic is Democracy’s Savior,” “Three Legged Calves, Wolves, Sheep and Democracy’s Media,” December 1, 2014


“Big Oil: Calling Shots, Corrupting Government,” May 26, 2010


“A Day in the Life: The Federal Communications Commission”


• For the life that enables the savings that become wealth, see Nicholas Johnson, Test Pattern for Living

General Semantics

Nicholas Johnson, What Do You Mean and How Do You Know? An Antidote for the Language That Does Our Thinking for Us (especially ch. 1, “Introduction: Why General Semantics?”)


• See, Nicholas Johnson, Are We There Yet? Reflections on Politics in America”


“Healthcare: It’s Broken, We’re Broke — and #37,” September 23, 2009

Higher Education

“Higher Ed: When UI Loses Its Monopoly,” February 20, 2010

K-12 Education

“Published K-12 Articles, 1998-2001,” Nicholas Johnson’s Writing on Educatiion Issues (Iowa City Press-Citizen columns every two weeks during three-year term as local school board member)


“Law, Social Norms and Trump; ‘That’s not nice. Next,'”, October 2, 2016 (“Whether we are conscious of it or not, most of what regulates our behavior, to the extent anything does, is not ‘the law’ as such, but rather social norms . . ..”)

Legal Education

“Random Thoughts on Law School Rankings” and
“So You Want to be a Lawyer: A Play in Four Acts”


Media – Major

Nicholas Johnson, “The Media Barons and the Public Interest: An FCC Commissioner’s Warning,” The Atlantic, June 1968; also as How To Talk Back to Your Television Set, ch. 2; and as maintained online by The Atlantic

Media – Alternative

“The Origins and Future of Radio,” Remarks on occasion of Ames, Iowa, community radio station KOHI-FM’s Third Anniversary, August 23, 2015 (“Indeed, it is no coincidence that you state as your mission, ‘building community through communication,’ your ‘vision’ includes ‘the enrichment of our community,’ and that one of your goals is to ‘be a communications clearing house for community issues.’ That’s what you do. That’s your job.”)


Please see”Memorials by Nicholas Johnson” on the Materials by Source page.


“Six Step Program for Avoiding War,” Iowa City Press-Citizen, November 11, 2014 (“Military leaders, more than politicians, wisely insist on answers before committing troops. We should, too. “)


Resources for Trump Watchers (includes links to sites of 11 media organizations’ daily postings to collections of stories covering President Trump)

Public Health

“A Public Health Response to Handgun Injuries: Prescription — Communication and Education,” American Journal of Preventive Medicine (May/June 1993)

Public Policy – Communications

• See generally, How To Talk Back to Your Television Set, and Nicholas Johnson, Your Second Priority

Public Policy – Housing

“Acceptable, Available, Affordable Housing,” July 22, 2017

Public Policy – Human Rights

Nicholas Johnson, “Focus on Our Common Values,” The Gazette, January 1, 2017


Nicholas Johnson, “A Challenge Constantly Renewed,” Commencement Address, Kings Point Merchant Marine Academy, July 27, 1964 (“If the merchant marine is to thrive as well as survive, it must be made more economic. . . . The main lines of reform are beginning to emerge with clarity: Mechanization, containerization, and modernization of both ships and port facilities; increased transit speed, experiments with surface-effect ships and other hull designs, gas turbine engines, nuclear power; standardization of ships and modernization of shipyards; the expansion of the American-flag fleet to maintain employment levels in the industry.”)


Links to 14 Essays on Terrorism and War

University of Iowa

“Business Background: Enough for University President?” September 2, 2015 (as the Iowa Board of Regents hiring of Bruce Harreld as University of Iowa president became ever more controversial, this blog post was the first of a number of collections of related material)