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(with Bibliography Supplement: 1995-1996)


(a) Given the size of the total document (333 pages in hard copy), for the convenience of users of this electronic reproduction, it has here been broken down into 11 Web pages. The breaks are, for the most part, at logical groupings; however, they are primarily for purposes of making Web pages of manageable size.

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(c) This online edition is, in almost every particular, a faithful reproduction of the hard copy edition. As a result, however, some portions are of little use (such as the table of contents references to page numbers which do not exist online) or are dated (such as the resume contained in one of the appendices). Added notes are usually in [brackets] with a signature of, e.g., "-NJ January 31, 1997." Other "notes" are from the hard copy edition.

(d) A hard copy edition is available for the cost of reproduction; send your request by way of any of Nicholas Johnson's coordinates.

(e) As the title of this Web page indicates, this Bibliography covers material only through December 1995. Items for 1995-1996 are in "Bibliography Supplement: 1996."

(f) Note that hard copy of numerous documents (almost all of which are not available online) are available through the University of Iowa Library Special Collections, for which there is an online index. (See also, within this Web site's "portal," Summary/What's Here and How to Find It/Nicholas Johnson Archives.) Links to the full text of virtually all writing from July 11, 1996 to April 13, 2016, are available from the "Earlier Publications" page.

This bibliography was first prepared for online availability and posted to the Web on January 31, 1997. Minor modifications have been made, to this page of the Bibliography only, on January 27, 2004, January 22, 2005. -- N.J.

Contents, Introduction, Books and Articles (This is the obvious Web page with which to begin. It contains the cover page, table of contents, introduction, books, and some articles. Of course, the table of contents page references are to the hard copy version only, but they provide some guidance as to what is here. xiv pages plus 12 pages; 60 K)

Articles, Publications, General (This is a relatively full list of published pieces, as contrasted with the specialized lists in the prior file. 38 pages; 82 K)

Communications Watch Columns (Nicholas Johnson wrote a nationally sydicated column for a number of years. This section lists those columns by date and title. 19 pages; 37 K)

Federal Communication Commission Opinions (Nicholas Johnson served as a Commissioner of the F.C.C. from 1966 through 1973. This listing of the opinions written by him during that period contains the citations necessary to find the opinions in either the hard copy official F.C.C. Reports, or online. 34 pages; 61 K)

Congressional and Other Testimony (17 pages; 42 K)

Speeches (1962-2005; 39 pages; 64 K)

Television and Radio Programs and Commentaries (15 pages; 20 K)

Audio and Video Tapes; International Executive Forum (The latter was an online educational institution (in its last days based at the University of California, San Diego) at which Johnson served as a faculty member; this is a listing of its "courses" for which "transcripts" exist. 36 pages; 52 K)

Texts Online; Opinions of Judge Brown and Justice Black (Nicholas Johnson served as law clerk to U.S. Court of Appeals Judge John R. Brown and U.S. Supreme Court Justice Hugo L. Black 1958-1960. These two sections are listed as Appendices I and II in the hard copy edition. 25 pages; 36 K)

Nicholas Johnson Chronology; Resume; Library Resources (These three sections are listed as Appendices III, IV and V in the hard copy edition. 17 pages; 41 K)

New York Times Stories (By way of historical context for the bibliography, this is a listing, with summaries, of the stories that appeared in the New York Times about Johnson during the period covered by the bibliography. The section is listed as Appendix VI in the hard copy edition. 58 pages; 157 K)

Bibliography Supplement: 1996 is a periodically updated page of additions that have occurred since the main bibliography's closing date of December 31, 1995, through much of 1996.