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The Iowa City Community School District includes the cities of Coralville, Hills, Iowa City and North Liberty, Iowa. Each is located in Johnson County, Iowa. If you are interested in the ICCSD schools you may also have an interest in the cities which it serves. Here are some links that will, ultimately, provide you almost anything you might want to know.


Coralville, City of

Hills, City of

Iowa City

Iowa City, City of

Iowa City/Coralville Area Online

Iowa City/Coralville Directory

Johnson County Community Network

Johnson County Government

North Liberty, City of

Board How to contact the ICCSD Board members; meeting minutes; old policies; new policies Iowa City Community School District; Web pages: official, Dale Shultz, Iowa City Press-Citizen, Gazette ICCSD
Cities The ICCSD includes the cities of Coralville, Hills, Iowa City and North Liberty, Iowa; here are links to cities' information The ICCSD 1999 superintendent search; background on Nicholas Johnson Other
Columns NJ's Iowa City Press-Citizen every-two-week columns about K-12 and school board issues Why this page, writing, resources, other pages, are made available to the District's stakeholders and others Purpose
Elections Seven board members, three-year terms, at least two elected each year; reports of 1998, 1999 elections Over 200 sites; agencies, organizations, other countries, parents' aids, publications, teaching materials Research


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Speakers Corner

Susie DeWeese, President

The Leigh Lecture Bureau

Les Tuerk

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Nicholas Johnson

  • Voice: USA + 800-500-2585 or USA + 310-230-2243
  • Fax:  USA + 310-230-2248
  • Postal: 15332 Antioch Street (209), Pacific Palisades CA 90272, USA
  • Voice: USA + 908-253-0641 or USA + 908-253-8600
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  • Postal: 50 Division St. (200), Somerville NJ 08876-2955,  USA
  • Voice: USA + 319-337-5555
  • Fax: USA + 319-335-9019
  • E-mail:
  • Postal: Box 1876, Iowa City IA 52244-1876, USA
  • Parcels: Nicholas Johnson, UI College of Law, Melrose and Byington, Iowa City IA 52242-1113, USA

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