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Translations of Nicholas Johnson's Web Pages

Thanks to AltaVista [this is not the translation page], Nicholas Johnson's Home Page, or any of the pages to which it links, can be translated from English into a number of other languages:  French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.  Indeed, any page on the Web -- or textual passages you can block, copy and paste -- can be translated.  (It is also possible to do the reverse:  to translate pages in those languages into English.)  In other words, I claim no credit for this remarkable free service.

Here are the instructions on how to use it. -- Nicholas Johnson

As you might suspect, there are some limitations.

1.  These are the only languages -- so far -- that are available.  For example, Russian would be extremely useful for much of my work, but is not available from the AltaVista site.

2.  There is a limit to the amount of text that will be translated at one time.  My estimate is that it is the first one or two pages of text.  (This could, presumably, be extended by (a) breaking up a Web page into translatable units, and uploading the text as multiple pages.  (b) I do not know how much text can be block, copied and pasted at one time, but that would be another approach.)

3.  Most significant, as with any machine translation software, errors are inevitable.  They can be funny.  Depending on the circumstances, they could also be serious.  So long as you are just having fun, quickly scanning, or satisfying your curiosity -- especially if you know both languages involved -- there is little harm.  But if you are doing serious work -- say, academic research, or commercial matters -- you would be well advised to continue to use a professional translator who is fluent in the language in question.

How to do it.

1.  Know ahead of time what you want to have translated -- the URL (http:// . . . etc.) of the Web page, or the blocked and copied text in question.

2.  Be prepared to enter either the address or text into the relevant space on the AltaVista page.

3.  Go to the translation page (which you can reach by clicking on the address which follows:

enter the address, or text, click on language choice (the default is English to French) and wait.  Sooner than you might imagine possible the page, or text, will appear on your screen in the language you've chosen.

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