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Nicholas Johnson, “Broadcasting in Britain: ‘Auntie’ as Senior Citizen,” “Options,” NPR (58:25). Nicholas Johnson narrates this hour-long NPR program of interviews he conducted during a week in London during September 1976. “The Annan Committee on the future of broadcasting was established in April 1974 to discuss the United Kingdom broadcasting industry, including new technologies and their funding, the role and funding of the BBC, Independent Broadcasting Authority and programme standards.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annan_Committee Nicholas Johnson interviewed members of the Committee and others in and out of the BBC and ITV. The following year the Annan Committee’s report was published, Annan Committee, Report of the Committee on the Future of Broadcasting (1977). The Report, and this program, address the role of media in a democratic society generally, the BBC (at that time) in particular, and the implications for America’s public broadcasting efforts (CPB, PBS and NPR).