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Nicholas Johnson, as U.S. Maritime Administrator, speaking to maritime industry executives at the Propeller Club, New York City, during a three day event which began on 30 Sep 1964.

The event was reported on page 86 in the 29 Sep 1964 print edition of the New York Times. (source)

Parley Will Study Maritime Policies

An attempt to formulate a new maritime policy for United States‐flag shipping will be made at the three‐day American Merchant Marine Conference that will begin here tomorrow at the Waldorf‐Astoria.

Capt. John W. Clark, chairman of the meeting’s conference committee and president of Delta lines, Inc., of New Orleans, predicted last week that the conference would come up with definite recommendations on specific measures to reshape the role of American shipping.

Captain Clark said that a full‐scale discussion of the many problems of American shipping would precede any decisions on new policies. Changes in policy, he indicated. appear advisable in such areas as subsidy legislation and its administration, cargo preference laws and manpower utilization.

Other highlights of the meeting will be participation for the first time by such important auxiliary segments of the industry as banking, insurance and freight forwarding. The theme of this year’s cenference is “A New Look at American Shipping.” The Propeller Club of the Port of New York, headed by John C. Hilly, president of Bush Terminal Railroad Company, will act as host for the convention, while John M. Will, president of American Export Isbrandtsen Lines, is chairman of the convention committee.