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Media Reform

FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting)
Knowledge Ecology International
On the Media
Project Censored
Voices (in development; see par. 7)

Cyber Watch

Center for Digital Democracy
CPSR (Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
eff (Electronics Frontier Foundation)
epic (Electronic Privacy Information Center)
Resources for Life
• See generally, “>Activism: Cyber Rights and Online Civil Liberties

Public Interest Action

American Friends Service Committee
Center for Auto Safety
Center for Science in the Public Interest
Combined Efforts
Common Cause
Consumer Reports
Corporate Crime Reporter
Expose Facts
Fair Vote
Government Accountability Project
Honor the Earth
Innocence Project
Institute for Policy Studies
Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement
National Family Farm Coalition
National Nurses United
Public Citizen
PIRG, U.S. (federation of state Public Interest Research Groups)
Ralph Nader
Veterans for Peace
• See generally,

Nick’s 2015 Bernie Essays

“Feeling the Bern at The Mill,” December 9, 2015
“Anyone for Democracy,” November 22, 2015
“Senator Bernie Sanders and America’s ‘Mainstream,'” July 25, 2015
“Bernie’s Media Challenge,” June 19, 2015
“Bernie! Why the 99% Should Support Bernie’s Campaign,” June 1, 2015

Nick’s Donald Trump Essays

“Iowa’s Top Republicans’ Major Mistake,” October 13, 2016
“Law, Social Norms and Trump,” October 2, 2016
“Donald Trump’s Barrel of Squirrels,” September 25, 2016
“Trump Might Not Be Blundering in Race,” September 9, 2016
“Maybe This Explains Trump,” August 15, 2016
“The DNC Still Just Doesn’t Get It,” July 29, 2016
“Why Trump May Win; Discouraged By The Democratic Party’s Self-Inflicted Wounds,” July 25, 2016

Bernie Sanders’ Sites

Senator Bernie Sanders
Our Revolution

Nick’s 2016 Bernie Essays

“Our Revolution: Yes; But First Some Questions; Following Bernie Sanders Almost Anywhere,” August 31, 2016
“On Being, Doing and ‘Compromise;’ What’s Next for Senator Sanders’ Revolution? Here’s My Suggestion,” June 9, 2016
“When ‘The Morning After’ Looks Even Worse,” June 8, 2016
“Searching for the Media’s Soul,” June 7, 2016
“Why Won’t Media Give Bernie a Break?” March 23, 2016
“The State of the Media,” February 28, 2016<•>
“Bernie’s Extraordinary, Unacknowledged Accomplishment,” February 3, 2016
Why Nobody ‘Wins’ the Iowa Caucus,” February 1, 2016
“Caucus With Your Heart And Head — For Bernie,” January 28, 2016
“Why I’m Caucusing for Sanders and You Should Too,” January 22, 2016

Alternative Sources

Common Dreams
Democracy Now
Hightower Lowdown, The
Huffington Post
Naked Capitalism
Nation, The
Real Clear Politics
Talking Points Memo
Think Progress
Truth Dig