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Nicholas Johnson’s Courses

Nicholas Johnson began his law school teaching career in the Fall of 1960, at the University of California, Berkeley, Law School (“Boalt Hall”). During the intervening half-century, while an FCC commissioner, and later while the chair of the National Citizens Committee for Broadcasting, he taught, or gave individual lectures, at dozens of of universities and colleges. Since 1981 he has held a half-time appointment at the University of Iowa College of Law.

At one time or another he has taught a number of courses, including: Administrative Law, Agency and Partnership, Broadcast History, Broadcast Regulation, Constitutional Law, Corporations, Cyber and Electronic Law, Cyberlaw, Cyberspace Law Seminar, Economics of Law Practice Seminar, Entertainment Law and Business, Law of Electronic Media, Mass Communications Law, and Oil and Gas Law.

Most recently, his courses have been Cyber and Electronic Law, and Sports Law. During the 2012-13 academic year he is taking a research leave. But the Web sites for those courses during the prior year can be found here: Cyber and Electronic Law, and Sports Law.

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