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UI Show Insightful and Entertaining

Nicholas Johnson

Iowa City Press-Citizen, December 7, 2007

Go see “Anton in Show Business” at the University’s Mabie Theatre. Dec. 7-9 are the last days.

If you’ve ever been to the theater, or if you’ve never been to the theater, this is one you don’t want to miss – for a couple of reasons.

For starters, it’s fun, entertaining, and a great evening in the theater. Jane Martin’s creative script is brilliantly conceived and executed. The directing and acting are really first rate.

But I’m no theater critic, don’t know anyone in the production, and wouldn’t have bothered with this letter for just any good production.

I write because this play inside a play not only entertains us, it offers insight into the entertainment industry generally, and the theater in particular, that is as poignant as it is delightfully instructive. Based on the time I’ve spent around the business on the West coast, every line rings true.

The “creative community,” whether in New York, Los Angeles or Iowa City, plays a major role in our lives. (It’s also one of the few industries making a favorable contribution to our out-of-whack balance of trade.)

“Anton in Show Business” is basic education for a nation mesmerized by its entertainers. Every adult and high school student would benefit from seeing it – as much for the insights and education as the sheer entertainment.

Nicholas Johnson
Iowa City