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Nicholas Johnson

Note: The video files linked from this page are in "MPEG" (.mpg) format.  That is, they do not offer "streaming" (the ability to watch the beginning of a video (or listen to audio) almost immediately as the remainder is being downloaded to your computer -- a feature of the "RealAudio/Video" software).  They range in size from 1.3 MB to 6.2 MB (14 seconds to 1 minute 11 seconds).

Thus, you may wish to use the following procedure:  when you click on the link, if your browser then gives you a message with the choices "open it" or "save it to disk" you may want to "save it" rather than playing the video immediately when downloaded.  This will take no longer and gives you the option of playing it again, should you wish, from your hard drive -- without having to wait for it to download a second time.

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Obviously, these clips -- selected to be illustrative of a range of times, and types of appearances -- are made available primarily simply to show appearance and style. Anyone interested in content, by contrast, should visit the "Recent Publications" list on the main Web page, or the archives of earlier publications and transcripts.

-- N.J. January 4, 1999 [January 7, 1999]

District Parent Organization Forum, September 1, 1998
This 37-second (3.2 MB) excerpt is from one of the panel discussions during Johnson's 1998 successful campaign for Iowa City [Iowa] Community School District Board of Directors. 
KGAN-TV2 [Cedar Rapids, Iowa] "Big Story," 1997
This brief 14-second (1.3 MB) news clip regarding Internet regulation is illustrative of Johnson's occasional role as a source for journalists. 
American Management Association ("AMA by Satellite"), "Impact of New Technology on the 21st Century Office"), September 20, 1995
The AMA delivers distance education to its members throughout North America by satellite. Johnson was asked to moderate, and present at, this session. This is a 51-second (4.4 MB) excerpt from the introduction to his main presentation.


CTAM, September 14, 1987
Johnson's public lecture business often takes him to trade association conventions. This is a relatively long, 1:11 (6.2 MB) clip from a cable executives' meeting. Johnson was an early FCC advocate for cable television in its infancy (when it was opposed by broadcasters and the Commission). He nonetheless agreed to take an anti-cable stance in this debate with former FCC Chair Dick Wiley. Johnson was able to deliver his attacks on the cable executives in a way that brought them to laughter and applause. 
Hearings on Scientific Advisory Committee on TV and Social Behavior (Progress Report, Surgeon General's Scientific Advisory Committee on Television and Social Behavior) Before the Subcommittee on Communications of the Senate Committee on Commerce, 92nd Congress, 1st Session, September 28, 1971. 
Johnson has often testified before U.S. House and Senate Committees. On this occasion, his testimony was filmed as part of a Canadian Film Board documentary. This 35-second (3.1 MB) excerpt from an exchange with Senator Howard Baker is perhaps illustrative of why John Kenneth Galbraith once characterized Johnson as "the citizen's least frightened friend in Washington."