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Kucinich Compassionate, Courageous, Electable
Nicholas Johnson

Iowa City Press-Citizen, "Opinion"
January 14, 2004, p. 9A

NOTE: Passages in bold and italics below were deleted from the published version by the Press-Citizen editors.

If everyone who resonates to Dennis Kucinich would vote for him he’d not only be electable, he’d be elected.

Millions are emotionally moved by this decent man of compassion and courage, hope and honesty, integrity and idealism.

They see him as head and shoulders, heart and mind, above the other candidates.

He knows we can neither win elections nor survive as a species by capitulation to corporations or by confrontation with the world.

Two examples: (1) Dennis advocates universal, single payer health care. It’s the approach of most nations and 62% of Americans including thousands of doctors. It’s opposed by the insurance and pharmaceutical industries – and every other leading Democratic candidate.

(2) Dennis proposes sensible cuts in defense spending; cuts opposed by the military-industrial complex – and every other leading Democratic candidate.

As Ohio Congressman Kucinich says, “If you start off on your knees, what’s your fall back position?”

Kucinich offers dozens of practical, affordable proposals, including a responsible Iraq exit, public funding of college tuition and pre-school programs.

Electable? He’s been beating “unbeatable” Republicans since 1967. As mayor of Cleveland his executive experience benefited more people than live in Vermont. And no one wins the presidency without Ohio.

Want the numbers? See Daniel Brown’s convincing detailed analysis, a link from

As Brown demonstrates, given Bush’s popularity Kucinich is not just the wisest choice, he may be Democrats’ only choice.

Nicholas Johnson
Iowa City