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Build Bridges, Not Rain Forest

Matt Schillig

Kalona News

July 6, 2006

I smell a skunk here, and it's not south of Kalona, either.

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In case all the Kalona residents don't have time to read all the newspapers I would like to let you all know what I've found out through a little investigating.

Ted Townsend, a Des Moines business man, who has an engineering firm, etc. is the originator of this now called earth park, which started out to be "child institute of learning," then called the "Rain Forest," now "Earth Park," which was to be built between Coralville and North Liberty, according to the papers a few years ago at a cost of $185 million, since then everything has changed.

Mr. ex-gov Robert Ray was at first one of the listed promoters, also Gov. Vilsac, now they have hooked up with the casino over here by Riverside to help them get it going. All millionaires, no doubt. Townsend Engineering would have the engineering and architect contractor, which would be a few million.

Who hired Mr. David Oman to promote this scheme? Plus, what has his salary been for the last 5 years. How can a few millionaires talk the law makers in D.C. to give $50 million for such a foolish venture? Look how many bridges 50 million could build across the English River on that farm to market road, Orange Ave.

I smell a skunk here, and it's not south of Kalona, either.
Matt Schillig
Box 335, Riverside 52327