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Warehouse District Could be Next Great Thing

Main Street Dubuque is a Great Example of What Can be Done With Revitalization


Dubuque Telegraph Herald

June 19, 2006

[Note: This material is copyright by the Dubuque Telegraph Herald, and is reproduced here as a matter of "fair use" for non-commercial, educational purposes only. Any other use may require the prior approval of the Dubuque Telegraph Herald.]

If there is any doubt about what a warehouse district makeover would do for Dubuque, just take a stroll along Main Street.

Where there were once empty or tired-looking storefronts, there are now growing businesses. Where there was once an adult bookstore and X-rated cinema, there are restaurants and bars. Upper-level living spaces have been converted to New York-style apartments. After years of disrepair, old buildings have gotten new life in the heart of the city.

If it can be done on Main Street, it can be done in the warehouse district. If ever there was a city ready to commit to the effort of rehabbing these gems in the rough, it is Dubuque. Excitement is building when people get together to brainstorm about the area's potential. These are the kinds of buildings - full of character and old brick - that are capable of transformation.

Dubuquers made revitalization a priority by putting it on the Envision 2010 project list. Community members with a stake in rehabbing and preservation of history should offer their expertise to keep the momentum on this project going.