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House Republicans Bank on Conservative Base for Elections

Brian Naylor

National Public Radio, "Morning Edition"
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June 23, 2006

In the course of an NPR story that touched on a proposed line-item-veto-type bill, a Republican characterized Senator Chuck Grassley's $50 million rain forest earmark as "a wasteful pork barrel project."
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Brian Naylor: Wisconsin Republican Congressman Paul Ryan, the measure's sponsor, says it will still force members of Congress to make tough choices.

Congressman Paul Ryan: If somebody sticks a wasteful pork barrel project, like a 50 million dollar rain forest museum from Iowa, . . . or something like that, in a bill or a conference report where we, as members of Congress, have one choice: vote yes or no on the entire bill . . . that's wrong.  We ought to be able to vote on that 50 million dollar rain forest museum. This gives us the chance to do that. . . ."