Better ways to spend $180M

Tammy Elam

Iowa City Press-Citizen

November 15, 2004

I hope this whole rain forest project goes away -- my God, $180 million ("Councilor wants rain forest deadline," Nov. 11). I feel $180 million could be used better by Coralville than to build this rain forest, not to mention the additional dollars for the convention center.

I want to know, how much are people going to be charged if they actually go to see the rain forest? And for all the homeless and children without coats and shoes for the winter, how much will they be charged to visit the convention center and rain forest?

Coralville could build (if the city felt it had to have this rain forest and convention center) somewhere else other than Edgewater Drive. People that live or have businesses down on Edgewater or even like to camp there shouldn't be forced to give up their homes or businesses for something as wasteful as these projects. Coralville never should have decided to build there when the land is already occupied with homes, businesses, a campground and a park.

Coralville officials figured that they could force these people to move from their homes and give their businesses up for peanuts. I don't feel that is right at all.

Tammy Elam
Iowa City