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Negotiations for Site of Indoor Rainforest Continue

Sioux City Journal

September 18, 2005

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CORALVILLE, Iowa (AP) -- City officials are continuing their negotiations for the transfer of 22-acres of land for the construction of an indoor rainforest.

Officials say progress has been made and talks will continue despite the approaching deadline imposed by members of the City Council.

"There have been three meetings and multiple conversations since we got to closure on the architect issue and shared that publicly two weeks ago. More discussions are needed and desired, by both parties," Environmental Project executive director David Oman said in an e-mail.
City Administrator Kelly Hayworth said he expects a written response in the next week to 10 days.

"The question is whether it will be acceptable or not," Hayworth said.

City Council members said Aug. 23 they wanted an agreement within four weeks that required The Environmental Project, the group proposing the rain forest, to meet certain requirements to acquire and retain the city-owned site.

Tuesday marks four weeks since that request, but Hayworth said the city never set an exact date and that talks would continue.

"The good sign is, they are trying their hardest to give us a proposal they know they can perform under and that meets as many of the city's requirements as possible," Hayworth said.