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Show Me the Money

Random Mentality

August 10, 2005

Iowa Pork Forest has a post on the new restrictions for the proposed fake rainforest in Coralville.
[Gee, I feel sorry for anybody living in Coralville. Once they get around to building this thing and it fails, the taxpayers of Coralville are going to be on the hook for a shitload of money. Either that or Coralville will be attaching a new casino to the complex in about 10 years when Tom Arnold is the governor.
Posted by: Iowa Pork Forest Editor / 7:36 AM August 10, 2005]
It's a valid question: they require developers to "maintain it as an indoor rain forest, aquarium and educational facility for 21 years and as a "museum quality" tourist attraction in the years following, or else have ownership revert to the city."

If the developers fail, what's the city going to do with it? Auction it off on Ebay?

posted by Kris at 5:34 AM

Comments from Random Mentality Readers

What are the standards for a museum quality tourist attraction? What the heck does that mean?

Matt | Homepage | 08.10.05 - 1:49 pm | #

And why 21 years? Because it will be old enough to drink?

Stefanie | 08.10.05 - 2:41 pm | #


Maybe it will be old enough to take care of itself by then . . .

Kris (Random) | Homepage | 08.10.05 - 4:12 pm | #