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And the Kitchen Sink


Iowa Pork Forest [blog]

August 23, 2005


[quoting from Heather McElvain, "Rain Forest Losing Its Magic; Councilors Disenchanted with Project," Iowa City Press-Citizen, August 23, 2005]:

"'Herwig likened the project to the St. Louis Arch, saying projects of that scope are hard to pull off.'
It's an interesting comparison, given the Arch apparently attracts 4.1 million visitors per year. However: 1) the cost of building the arch was only 13 million dollars as opposed to our $180 million; 2) the feds kicked in 75% of that figure; 3) It only costs $8 for an adult to go to the top of the arch; and 4) of course, St. Louis is a little bigger than Coralville: St. Louis' population estimate in 2001 was 339,211 and St. Louis County had a population estimate of 1,015,417 residents in 2001. If St. Louis and St. Louis County were to merge, St. Louis would become the nation's 6th most populous city according to the U.S. Census statistics. It has a Six Flags and everything. So maybe it could be a bit more of a tourist destination?"

[NJ: For supporting and related information about the St. Louis Arch, see St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission, "Gateway Arch/Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Fact Sheet," undated, See also National Park Service, "Jefferson National Expansion Memorial,"]