Focus on Iowa's Natural Sites

Jim Thomas

Des Moines Register

December 31, 2004

There is now another clear example of what a bad idea the proposed rainforest project is. The Dec. 20 editorial ("Our Vistas Can Lure Tourists") touts the need to develop "tourism that relates to the unique features of the land, the history and the people of particular areas."

Much of that need could be helped with the millions of dollars being proposed for the absurd idea of a rainforest in Iowa, especially with the likely possibility it will become an expensive albatross that will never pay for itself.

Won't schools make arrangements to take students to whatever "natural sites" may be located within a reasonable distance as opposed to loading a school bus and driving to a simulated rainforest?

We need to take advantage of our natural attractions for the many good reasons suggested in the editorial.

-Jim Thomas,