IEEP advances science literacy

John and Sandra Hudson

Iowa City Press-Citizen Letters

July 28, 2004

Rob Bignell's Perspective "Blind to science's value" (July 25) is sad but true. Even within the en-lightened community of Iowa City there are opinion leaders with 20/20 vision who fail to see the exceptional opportunity provided by the Iowa Environmental/Education Project. This includes some scientists. They focus their perfect vision upon the narrow aspect of tourism and then denounce the whole of this multi-faceted project.

We do not apologize for tourism, as it always carries with it the prerequisite of excellence. For example, it is not sports, but excellence in sports that brings tourists to Kinnick and Carver. It is not culture, but excellence in culture that brings tourists to Hancher. Likewise, it will be excellence in science, technology and cutting-edge educational techniques that will bring tourists to the Iowa Environ-mental/Education Project.

This project is happening. If you are a scientist or have an interest in science, please accept the responsibility to see that it becomes the best it can be. We applaud Scott Carpenter for his vision of how research could be the anchor ("The Iowa Environmental/Education Project isn't just an attraction. It's also about ... Advancing science,"April 18).

If his vision is not yours, then let yours be heard. We encourage you to support this science opportunity. The Iowa Environmental Project will cast a positive light on science and bring the scientific paradigm to life for students and laymen alike.

John and Sandra Hudson
Iowa City