Column showed rain forest's folly

David C. Vigen
Iowa City Press-Citizen

May 13, 2004

I most heartily applaud Kay Thistlethwaite's "Whither the Coralville rain forest?" (May 1), which in great depth accurately describes the folly of the rain forest project. Kay's column not only described her position but also provided an education for myself, and perhaps others, in the background and funding of this strange project.

I was amazed to learn that this piece of pork, designed to preserve an artificial rain forest for tourists to gawk at, will destroy natural and sustainable wet lands.

At a great expenditure of our tax dollars, the exhibit ignores the need for aggressive promotion and protection of the true rain forests that still exist on this globe of ours.

I suppose the project will proceed with ever increasing gulps of our money as the world God gave us continues its eroded decline.

David C. Vigen
Iowa City