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Des Moines Register

March 16, 2006

The Des Moines Register provides school news that's reported by the K-12 schools in surrounding districts in "Des Moines West" and "West Des Moines." Here are a couple from March 16, 2006, that reveal what local teachers are doing to instruct their students about rain forests without the need, or expense, of either travelling to see one, or waiting for the Iowa rain forest project to be built.

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Mindy Neumann's kindergarten class is learning about animals and plants in the rain forest and how they need to protect the rain forests. They will culminate their study of the rain forest with a trip to the Botanical Center.

Jordan Creek

First-grade students are studying Africa with a "trip" to the rain forest and the grasslands of Africa. They are learning about the habitats of Africa that support different animals. Students are studying the difference between their country and Africa. They are learning the names of all seven continents and where they are located on Earth.