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November 17, 2005

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In a move that helped assure us that all old people aren't completely off their fucking rockers, U.S. Sen. Charles Grassley finally fessed up that the Iowa Rain Forest project -- subject to nationwide ridicule after Grassley porked Congress for $50 million to get it going -- might be a non-starter. Grassley, of course, has been hinting for months that the project, which was laughed out of Des Moines, might be (gasp!) in trouble, as the group in charge has come up with a pocketful of lint in matching funds. But last week the Iowa dinosaur told Ted Townsend and Co. that they have two years to get their collective shit together or he will pull the plug. "I want to make sure the tax money isn't frittered away," Grassley told reporters without so much as a thigh slap or a grin. Some $2.9 million of the grant has already been spent on jet fuel and sack lunches so that project leader David Oman can "woo" people who look at him when he's finished with his presentation and ask, "Rain Forest?"