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Rain Forest to Des Moines?

Civic Skinny
[an excerpt]

("Central Iowa's Alternative")

September 29, 2005

The rainforest people now are talking to folks in Des Moines about putting it in Des Moines once again -- even though Des Moines sort of booted it out of town a few years ago. "There's a new cast of characters in town now, and they don't know the history of it, so Bob Ray and Dave Oman and others are quietly making some pitches around town," one business leader told us. "I suspect that they'll fail, but it's kind of frightening to think that anyone is even listening. Once again, they are saying they are 'on the verge' of getting some big money -- but they've spent the past several years 'on the verge.' What they're really on is a precipice, not a verge."
4521 Fleur, Suite A-2
Des Moines, Iowa 50321
515.953.1394 (fax)