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An historical analysis of the ABC-ITT merger proceeding
before the Federal Communications Commission, 1966-1967

Karen Beth Possner

University of Iowa Doctoral Dissertation


This dissertation is not "writing about Nicholas Johnson." It is writing about the ABC-ITT merger proceeding. But Nicholas Johnson did play a significant role in the case, as a dissenting FCC commissioner, along with Commissioners Robert Bartley and Ken Cox. And the ABC-ITT case, in turn, played a major role in the FCC career of Nicholas Johnson.
One of his dissents in the ABC-ITT merger case is available on the Web.

Thus, given Possner's excellent description of the case and its background, it seemed useful and appropriate to make reference to her dissertation in this context.

The dissertation is on file at the University of Iowa Libraries and may be available on inter-library loan.

It has not be reproduced in its entirety here, however there are two pdf files (two in order to keep them from going much beyond 500K each) that offer a suggestion both of her style and of what the case was about: Possner's description of the issues and evolution of what she designates "Issue One." The first pdf file also contains a reproduction of the dissertation's title page and table of contents.

Possner Dissertation I

Possner Dissertation II

The dissertation is copyright by the author, who at one time worked in Commissioner Johnson's office, It is reproduced here as "fair use" for non-commercial, educational use only. Any further distribution of these excerpts requires the permission of the author.


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