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Note, Statute of Limitation on Action for Pollution of Sub-Surface Water Runs From Time of Discovery, 35 Tex. L. Rev. 145 (1956).

Note, Right of Public and Press to be Admitted to a Criminal Trial, 35 Tex. L. Rev. 429 (1957).

Book Review, 35 Tex. L. Rev. 631 (1957) (reviewing Levin, Compulsion).

Book Review, 36 Tex. L. Rev. 140 (1957) (reviewing Cozzens, By Love Possessed).

Unauthorized Practice of Law by Law Students: Some Legal Advice About Legal Advice, 36 Tex. L. Rev. 346 (1958).

Unauthorized Practice of Law by Law Students: Some Legal Advice About Legal Advice, in Dicta, vol. 57 no. 10 (1958).

Book Review, 36 Tex. L. Rev. 707 (1958) (reviewing Berns, Freedom, Virtue and the First Amendment, and Packard, Hidden Persuaders).

Book Review, 37 Tex. L. Rev. 521 (1959) (reviewing Kupferman, Family Legal Advisor, and Rose, Pay the Two Dollars).

What Do Law Clerks Do? 22 Tex. Bar J. 229 (1959).

Book Review, 39 Tex. L. Rev. 533 (1961) (reviewing Huie, Walker and Woodward, Cases and Materials on Oil and Gas).

Book Review, 49 Cal. L. Rev. 1011 (1961) (reviewing Hardwicke, Antitrust Laws, et. al. v. Unit Operation of Oil and Gas Pools).

A Judge's Eye View of Computers, 62 M.U.L.L. 146 (1962).

Jurimetrics and the Association of American Law Schools, 14 J. Legal Ed. 385 (1962).

Producer Rate Regulation in Natural Gas Certification Proceedings: Catco in Context, 62 Colum. L. Rev. 773 (1962).

Senator Black and the American Merchant Marine, 14 UCLA L. Rev. 399 (1967).

Book Review, 46 Tex. L. Rev. 305 (1967) (reviewing Gellhorn, When Americans Complain, and Gellhorn, Ombudsmen and Others).

The Public Interest and Public Broadcasting: Looking at Communications as a Whole, 1967 Wash. U. L.Q. 480 (1967).

TV Service and the FCC: Preface and Context, 46 Tex. L. Rev. 1100, 1102 (1968).

Towers of Babel: The Chaos in Radio Spectrum Utilization and Allocation, 34 Law & Contemp. Probs. 505 (1969).

The Second Half of Jurisprudence: The Study of Administrative Decisionmaking, Book Review, 23 Stan. L. Rev. 173 (1970) (reviewing Davis, Discretionary Justice: A Preliminary Inquiry).

Freedom to Create: The Implications of Antitrust Policy for Television Programming Content, 8 Osgoode Hall L.J. 11 (1970).

Freedom to Create: The Implications of Antitrust Policy for Television Programming Content, 1970 L. & Soc. Order 337 (1970).

Media Concentration: Some Observations on the United States Experience, with J.M. Hoak, Jr., 56 Iowa L. Rev. 267 (1970).

Consumer Rights and the Regulatory Crisis, 20 Cath. U. L. Rev. 424 (1971).

New Fidelity to the Regulatory Ideal, 59 Geo. L.J. 869 (1971).

Subpoenas, Outtakes and Freedom of the Press, Harv. J. Afro-American Affairs, vol. 2, no. 2 (1971).

Twentieth Century Soapbox: The Right to Purchase Radio and Television Time, with Tracy A. Westen, 57 Va. L. Rev. 574 (1971).

The Mass Media and Drug Taking, 18 Vill. L. Rev. 787, 851 (1973).

Day in the Life: The Federal Communications Commission, with J.J. Dystel, 82 Yale L.J. 1575 (1973).

Fortieth Anniversary of the Federal Communications Commission, 27 Fed. Com. B. J. 109, 159 (1974).

With Due Regard for the Opinions of Others, 8 Cal. Lawyer 52 (Aug. 1988).

Jefferson on the Internet, 47 Fed. Com. L.J. 281 (Dec. 1994).

Forty Years of Wandering in the Wasteland, 55 Fed. Com L.J. 521 (2003) (pdf), html.

Open Meetings and Closed Minds: Another Road to the Mountaintop, 53 Drake L. Rev. 11 (2004) (pdf).

Carterfone: My Story, 25 Santa Clara Computer & High Tech. L.J. 677 (2009) (pdf).

Opinions and Personality: Brown on the Law, 47 Houston L. Rev. 553 (Fall 2010) (pdf).

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