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Regents beyond mending fences

Dave Tigges

Iowa City Press-Citizen

December 6, 2006

Krishna Das, "Iowa City's Regular Routine"

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The assessment of the predicament for the search for a UI president was very eloquently outlined by Regent Bob Downer ("'Many fences to mend,'" Nov. 28). As a native Iowan who remembers my early days of "mending fences" on the farm, I want to point out that sometimes, when there were critters in the field, mending the fence was not always the appropriate solution. I suggest it is time for Regent President Michael Gartner, and perhaps one or two others, to find a different pasture.

Dave Tigges
North Liberty

Iowa City's Regular Routine

Krishna Das

Iowa City Press-Citizen

December 5, 2006

[an excerpt from the column]

. . .

State and Nation

Gov. Tom Vilsack's mediation effort [between Regents and UI representatives regarding presidential search] was a step in the right direction. It is pivotal that the Iowa state Board of Regents and the UI campus community find common ground so as to get the best candidate to lead Iowa's flagship institution. The future of the regent universities will depend on how proactive they can be in assisting the state in areas related to non-profits, community building, economic development and diversity. Outreach programming and extended education will have to play a major role to make this possible.

. . .."