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Iowa City Press-Citizen Optiva Letters

February 26, 2007

[Note: This material is copyright by the Press-Citizen, and is reproduced here as a matter of "fair use" for non-commercial, educational purposes only. Any other use may require the prior approval of the Iowa City Press-Citizen.]

Optiva lets us 'embrace change'

One of the best pieces of advice I've ever been given is simply "Embrace Change." As a member and employee of University of Iowa Community Credit Union -- soon to be Optiva Credit Union -- embracing change means more to me than ever.

By changing our name we break down a perceived barrier: the perception that one needs to be affiliated with the university in order to do business with us. Changing our name is the natural evolution for a cooperative that has served its members and community well.

Change is the action that opens doors and, with that, possibilities. I'm proud to be a part of an organization that is willing to take steps forward and grateful for leadership that has the foresight and commitment to ensure we remain a leader in our community.

I intend to vote yes in favor of Optiva Credit Union and would encourage every member who has been served well to do the same.

Pat Hobson
Cedar Rapids

Thankful for a good credit union

Two years ago I became a resident of Iowa City. My first action was to get my Iowa driver's license, register to vote in Iowa and join the University of Iowa Community Credit Union.

Before moving to Iowa City, I was a member of a credit union for 30 years. They went through a name change with no muss or fuss. We should be able to do the same.

None of the services or the wonderful accommodating people will change -- only the name. Now the entire community will recognize that they will be able to partake of these services that are so much better than a bank and there will be no confusion with concerns that only the university can use these services. Unlike banks, we will not merge with any other organization.

I know this is an emotional issue if you have been with the credit union for years. None of us likes change. We love our traditions, but life changes. I changed my name when I married, when the many times I moved all over the world as a Marine wife and then to move to Iowa City to be with my daughter.

I like the name Optiva. Be grateful we have such a super credit union. Let's go for it.

Mae Schatteman
Iowa City

Taffe's attack seems personal

After reading Tim Taffe's Feb. 15 guest opinion, I was left wondering what the true reason was behind his attack on the University of Iowa Community Credit Union. It does not appear to be about a name change at all, but rather a personal vendetta against the president and board members. How very disappointing. All that hype without any validity.

Iowa City, however, is filled with intelligent people who make informed decisions based on facts and research. We will not get caught up in Taffe's "hoopla" -- after all it's only a name change. Somehow, this pales in comparison with child abuse, homelessness, famine, cancer, AIDS, etc. When the day comes that these real issues are resolved, then, by all means, go ahead and gripe about the Optiva name. Until then, Taffe should put his time and energy to better use.

I like my credit union, not because of its name, but because of its great service and wonderful employees. The president, senior executives, employees and board members all deserve a huge "thank-you." They should keep up the great work.

I encourage all members to cast their vote Wednesday for Optiva.

Jennifer Thomae
Iowa City

Optiva foes need to get a life

I am appalled by what I have heard and read the last few months concerning the name change of the University of Iowa Community Credit Union. I attended the meeting the evening of the vote for the name change and left feeling as if I had been in a war zone. A handful of people dominated the meeting not allowing other members to make comments that may have been more productive. They were loud, rude and aggressive. Dean Borg was told to sit down and shut up, and one member even said that Optiva sounded like a vaginal treatment. Obviously, I know my body parts better because I would associate it with "optical," which one could assume could mean we could look forward to a brighter future.

As a member of the credit union I beg these people to get a life. It is just a name. The employees are the same; the services are the same. There are people dying every day in Iraq, the homeless shelter and several churches are overflowing with people who have no homes, there are children going to bed at night sick and hungry. I can go on and on, but all I am asking is that you put your enthusiasm and energy to helping a truly positive cause.

As an employee I try every day to serve every member as I would want to be served. I am optimistic for the future of the Optiva Credit Union.

Pam Axeen