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“When Believing Is Seeing,” Iowa City Press-Citizen, July 14, 2014, p., A5 [embedded in blog essay, "When Believing is Seeing," July 14, 2014]

“Is Texting the Problem, or Just Part of the Problem?” Iowa City Press-Citizen, June 16, 2014, p. A5 [embedded in blog essay, "DWI, DWT, DWD: Keeping Our Eyes On The Road," June 13, 2014]

“What Is It With the Iowa State Board of Regents?!” Iowa City Press-Citizen, May 16, 2014, p. A7 [embedded in blog essay, "Iowa's Economic Foundation? Graduate Education & Research," May 5, 2014]

“Blogfeed: From DC2 Iowa,” “Iowa’s Economic Foundation? Graduate Education & Research,” May 5, 2014 (The Gazette‘s Blogfeed is a hard copy feature (unavailable online) that runs edited versions of online blog essays. This one was published by The Gazette, May 11, 2014, p. A10.)

“Talking TIF: Costs Outweigh Possible Benefits,” The Gazette, April 13, 2014, pp. A9, A12 [embedded in blog essay, "Tussling Over TIFs: Pros and Cons; Tough TIF Talk," April 30, 2014]

“Too Many Negatives, Too Little Upside to TIFs,” The Gazette, March 25, 2014, p. A6 [embedded in blog essay, "TIFs: Too Many Negatives," March 25, 2014]

“TIF: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Insist on More Transparency,” Iowa City Press-Citizen, March 18, 2014, p. A7 [embedded in blog essay "TIF Apology," March 18, 2014; with supporting, "TIFs: Links to Blog Essays," March 16, 2014]

Nicholas Johnson, “Communications Evolution, Revolution and the Role of the Academy,” Keynote Address, Dirty Sexy Policy Conference, Carsey-Wolf Center, University of California Santa Barbara, February 20, 2014

“Public Comments About Public Comments Guidelines,” Iowa City Press-Citizen, February 15, 2014, p. A9 [embedded in blog essay, "Open Mikes at Open Meetings?" February 12, 2014]

“Blogfeed: From DC2 Iowa,”  “Polar Vortex; God’s ‘Cold Shoulder Revenge,” January 7, 2014 (The Gazette‘s Blogfeed is a hard copy feature (unavailable online) that runs edited versions of online blog essays. This one was published by The Gazette, January 19, 2014, p. A10.)

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2013: Test Pattern for Living (2nd edition; Lulu)

How to Talk Back to Your Television Set (3rd edition; Lulu)

How to Talk Back to Your Television Set (4th edition; Amazon Kindle)

2012: From D.C. to Iowa: 2012 (Lulu)

        From D.C. to Iowa: 2012 (Amazon Kindle)

Predicting Our Future Cyberlife, 1970-2040 (Lulu; with 15 Iowa law students)

2009: Virtualosity: Eight Students in Search of Cyberlaw (Lulu)

What Do You Mean and How Do You Know: An Antidote for the Language That Does Our Thinking for Us (Lulu)

2008: Are We There Yet? Reflections on Politics in America (Lulu)

2007: Your Second Priority: A Former FCC Commissioner Speaks Out (Lulu)

[Local libraries that have these books in their collections: University of Iowa Libraries and the Law Library of the College of Law (all titles); Iowa City Public Library (From D.C. to Iowa: 2012), Coralville Public Library (Your Second Priority).]

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