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Last Updated June 1, 2000; Unsorted Additions March 27, 2001; Last Edited May 9, 2006

Note: This resource was originally created by Nicholas Johnson in the late 1980s and early 1990s for his personal use, before the general availability of Google and other search engines. (Some "unsorted additions" -- still unsorted five years later -- were added to the end of the list in 2001.) Now that search engines are available, they will often be the most efficient means of finding what you're looking for. Nonetheless, enough people have found this resource useful over the years that it seemed worthwhile to edit it for broken links and continue to make it available from here.

As will be obvious, many of the link selections -- while still useful -- are dated. If the list were being prepared in 2006 there would be many more, and some different choices. There have been few if any links added to these lists during the 10 years prior to 2006. However, those present here were checked for accuracy by Dylan Thomas during April and May 2006; changed links were corrected, and eliminated when none could be found.

Disclaimer: Needless to say, given the number of sites (1) although the URLs were accurate and active when first entered (and when edited in 2006), they are not routinely checked and updated, and some may have since been changed, or removed, and (2) obviously I cannot and do not take any responsibility for the accuracy or other aspects of the content to which these links may lead you.

I would appreciate any feedback regarding errors that you find in using this resource, or suggestions of related Web sites you think I, and others using these links, might find useful. You can contact me via the coordinates linked from Thank you. -- Nicholas Johnson, June 11, 2006

Search Engines Amateur Radio Astronomy
Bookstores Online Bulgaria Cams
Cities, States (and see "Iowa") Communication Studies [Cyberspace Law, 1997] Southeast Asia
Education Education Online Employment
Entertainment Law, Business, Policy Federal Government Friends, Family
Genealogy General Semantics Geographical Areas, Global, International
Global Trade Health Iowa; state, cities
Johnson, Nicholas Law Law of Electronic Media
Media Movies Music
Network Tools; Internet; Computers Organizations, Commercial Organizations, Non-Profit, Public Interest
Other Political Reference and Research
Shopping; Finance Sports Travel
Universities; Research Organizations Weather Unsorted Additions Since Last Revision

Search Engines

Addresses, Reverse, to Names
Ask Jeeves!
Beaucoup (multiple search engines)
BookZone (1000s of links about books)
Congressional Email Directory
Consumer World
Excite Netsearch
Federal Materials: Thomas
Four11 Directory Services
GuideStar (nonprofits search)
Inquirus [NEC Research Institute]
Internet Address Finder
Internet Public Library, The
Investigator's Toolbox
Maps: Map Blast
Maps: Yahoo!
Martindale-Hubbell, About
Martindale-Hubbell, Lawyer Locator
Mining Co., The
Netscape/access all search engines
Noah Says
Northern Light
NumberFinder.Com (telephone numbers, reverse directory)
Online Texts ("E-Texts")
Online Texts (Project Gutenberg)
Online Texts (list of sites; Project Gutenberg)
Pitsco's References for the Classroom
Private Investigators' Links List
Public Records, KnowX (fee based)
Reverse Phone Directory
Scout Report
Seeker, The
Shareware (links to sources)
Song Lyrics (full text search)
Study Web (over 40,000 research sites)
Switchboard, Banyan
UI Book Store
UI Library, Gateway to the Internet (Karla Tonella)
UI Phonebook & Directories
U.S. (includes commercial, fee-based searches)
U.S. States Information/Web Pages
WebSideStory's World 1000 (search engine; 36000 sites)
Yahoo! Maps
Yahoo! People Search

Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio Software, Linux
Ham Radio Outlet
ICOM (General)
Iowa City Amateur Radio Club
Listening Post (Web-controlled shortwave radio receiver)
Police and Fire Scanner
SATCO DX Satellite Chart
Shortwave Listening Guide


Heavens Above (astronomy)
Hubble Space Telescope
JPL: Mars, Pathfinder Photos
NASA's J-Track Satellite Tracking
Space Telescope Science Institute

Bookstores Online

Barnes and Noble
Iowa City, Prairie Lights Bookstore
Varsity Books


AA - See Nick's Bulgaria page


Cam: EarthCam (Webcams search engine)
Cam: Leonard's Cam World
Cam: Santa Monica Pier
Cam: WearCam (Steve Mann)

Cities, States (and see "Iowa")

Chicago (Metromix; entertainment and restaurants)
Chicago, City of (official)
New York, Lincoln Center
New York, Total New York

Communication Studies

American Film Institute
Aspen Institute Programs
Benton Foundation, Communications Policy Project
Branscomb, Anne Wells, Publications
Brent, Doug, U Calgary, Comm Studies
Hollywood Reporter
Media/CMC (Univ. Colorado, Denver; NJ link)
Program on Information Resources Policy (Harvard)
Red Rock Eater (Phil Agre, UCSD)
Syracuse, Newhouse School of Public Communications
University of Wisconsin, Madison, Communication Arts Department


AA - See Nick's Education Page

Education, Online

Globewide Network Academy
Peterson's Distance Learning
Yahoo! Distance Learning


About Work
America's Job Bank
Business Plan Center
Career Babe (her self-designation, not mine)
Career Builder
Career Center
Career City
Career Magazine
Careers (The Wall Street Journal)
Employment Reference Checking (what are they saying about you?)
Equal Opportunity Publications
Find Jobs (Web-related)
Guru ("independent professionals")
Internet Career Connection
Job Database, ZD Net
More Business
Nation Job Network
Net Profit Center
Public Interest Jobs (PIRG)
Quintessential Careers
Select Jobs (computer professionals)
Senior Job Bank
Small Business Owners' Help Center
Source Services
Summer Jobs
Transitions Abroad (travel; jobs; study)
University of Iowa Employment Services
Virginia Tech Career Services
Work at Home Dot Com
Workopolis (Canadian jobs)

Entertainment Business Law and Policy

Academic Resources

University of Iowa Department of Theatre Arts


Improv Page


CareerBuilder Network


Greatest Films

Individuals' Web Pages

de la Puente, Noemi
Grubbe, Jason

Media Conglomerates

Universal Studios
Warner Bros.


Baker's Plays
Playwrights on the Web
Playwriting Seminars
Writers Guild of America, East
Writers Guild of America, West

Public Corporations, Other Institutions

National Film Board of Canada
Sundance Institute

Search Engines

Virtual Library: theatre and drama (lots of links)
Yahoo! Arts:Performing Arts:Education


American Association of Community Theatre
Baker's Plays
Lincoln Center
Playbill On-Line
Riverside Theatre

Trade Publications

Hollywood Online
Hollywood Reporter
Playbill On-Line


Actors' Equity
Screen Actors Guild

Federal Government

AmeriCorps National Service Program
Capitol Watch
Census Bureau, maps
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Customs Service
Electronic Embassy
Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network (EREN; U.S. DOE)
Federal Communications Commission
Federal Materials: Census Bureau (Statistical Abstract)
Federal Materials: Federal Information Exchange
Federal Materials: FedWorld
Federal Materials: Gov't Printing Office
Federal Materials: Nat'l Technology Transfer Center
Federal Materials: Thomas
Federal Materials: Uncle Sam
Federal Statistics
Food Safety and Nutrition (FDA, Center for)
Intelligence Community
National Imaging and Mapping Agency
National Park Service
Peace Corps
President, U.S., speeches, historical
Reinventing Government, Vice President Gore's National Partnership For
SBA Hotlist (U.S. Small Business Administration)
Social Security Administration
State Department
Supreme Court decisions
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
White House

Friends, Family

Auerbach, Stevanne, DrToy
Ankrum, Patty (Black Sheep)
Bhajan, Yogi (3HO)
Brinig, Margaret
Buswell, Richard
Carrasco, Enrique
Clark, Carmen
Clinton, Robert
Coyote, Peter
Craven, John
Dillon-Ridgley, Dianne (Interface Corp., Board Member)
Dillon-Ridgley, Dianne (Zero Population Growth, Chair)
Domrin, Alexander N.
Dublinske, Bret (Dickinson, Mackaman, Tyler & Hagen)
Dunitz, Jeffrey (Avalon) "Orpheus"
Firestone, Charlie/Patty (Perpetual Memorials)
Fist, Stewart, archives
Fist, Stewart, home page
Grubbe, Jason
Grubbe, Karl
Hiltz, Starr Roxanne
Holtsmark, Eva
Hughes, Dave (Old Colorado City Communications)
Huisentruit, Jodi
Jackson, Jesse (Rainbow Coalition)
Johnson, Gregory (Resources for Life)
Kipper, Judith
Kurtz, Professor Shelly
Loundy, David
Lydon, Chris
Masterson, Suzanne (The Galef Institute)
McConnell, John, Earth Day
McConnell, John, Earth Site
McConnell, John, TrusteeOne
Metro High School, Cedar Rapids
Miller, Nick (Miller & Van Eaton)
Missen, Cliff, International Internetworks (044197)
Nader Page, The
Palmer, Sir Geoffrey, Chen and Palmer
Shepherd, Chuck (News of the Weird)
Simon, Sam (Issue Dynamics Inc.)
Smothers, Tom and Dick ("The Smothers Brothers")
Stensvaag, Professor John-Mark
Turoff, Murray
Vasey, Mary
Weiss, Elaine F. (former assistant)
Westen, Tracy (Center for Governmental Studies)
Wetlaufer, Professor Gerald
Williams, Mason


Genealogy: Allen County Public Library
Genealogy: Consumer Information Center Main Page
Genealogy: Family Search Internet Genealogy Service (LDS)
Genealogy: LDS, Family History, "How Do I Begin?"
Genealogy: National Archives and Records Administration
Genealogy: ROOTS-L
Genealogy: Social Security Death Index
Genealogy: U.S. Genealogical Web Project

General Semantics

General Semantics, Craig Presson
General Semantics, Institute of General Semantics
General Semantics, ISGS
General Semantics, Kids
General Semantics, Science and Sanity, Carmen Clark

Geographical Areas, Global, International (and see Cyberspace Law, Global Trade)

AltaVista: Translations
American Bar Association/Central and East European Law Initiative (CEELI)
Asian Community Online Network
Austin, Texas
Backpacking Bonanza, Chuck's
China News Digest
Costa Rica
Council on Foreign Relations
Customs Service
Electronic Embassy
Europe, 150000 companies ("Europages")
Europe, Eurotrip
Fodor's Personal Trip Planner
Foliage, USAToday Travel
Foreign Affairs
Foreign Languages/Country Pages
France, Ministère de la culture
FSU, Internews
FSU, Window to Russia
Georgia (Open Society-Georgia Foundation (OSGF))
Georgia (country; parliament)
Georgia (country; "Sakartvelo")
Georgia (country; ISP SaNet)
Georgia (country; Yahoo)
Hong Kong
Hostelling International
International Monetary (Euromoney World Link)
ITU, Internet Broadcasting Service
Japan, Prime Minister
Missen, Cliff, International Internetworks (044197)
National Park Service
New Zealand News
Round Table Group
Route 66
Russia: Glasnost Defense Foundation (in Russian)
SaNet (FSU Georgia)
Soros Foundations Network
Spa Vacations
Swedish Information Service
United Nations, Site 1
United Nations, Site 2
Vacations Online
Zion National Park

Global Trade (and see SE Asia; Geographical Areas)

International Chamber of Commerce
Lex Mundi (global law firms)
Lex Mundi's 30,000 links (Hieros Gamos)
U.N. Commission on Int'l Law
U.S. Dep't of State, America Business Desk
U.S. Dep't of State, Private Int'l Law Database

World Trade Organization


American Cancer Society
American Heart Association
American Medical Association (AMA)
Cancer Group Institute
CancerNet (National Cancer Institute)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Coffee Science Source
Food Safety and Nutrition (FDA, Center for)
Health A-to-Z
Health and Nutrition (ADA, eat right)
Health Education: Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Drug Use
Health On the Net Foundation
Health Sciences, University of Iowa
Knee Problems (NIH/NIAMS)
Mayo Clinic
Medical Links (lots of them!)
Men's Fitness
Mercy Hospital, Iowa City, Iowa (alternative medicine, natural products, information)
New Age Journal
New England Journal of Medicine
Reuters Health Information Services
Stress Cures
Sumeria (alternative medicine and more)
Telemedicine Today Magazine
Virtual Hospital
Weight Watchers International

Iowa; state, cities

Cedar Rapids Schools
Cedar Rapids, Cedar Rapids Gazette
Cedar Rapids, CRNet
Cedar Rapids, KGAN-TV9
Cedar Rapids, Metro High School
Clinton (Iowa) High School
Corridor Careers (Cedar Rapids-Iowa City, Iowa)
Grant Wood Area Education Agency
Iowa 2010
Iowa City Press-Citizen (Gannett)
Iowa City Press-Citizen
Iowa City, Bicyclists of Iowa City (BIC)
Iowa City, City of (city government site)
Iowa City, Emma Goldman Clinic
Iowa City, ICORR (Iowa City Off Road Riders)
Iowa City, Mercy Hospital
Iowa City, Natural Areas
Iowa City, Prairie Lights Bookstore
Iowa City, Public Library
Iowa City, regional, UI campus maps
Iowa City, Riverside Theatre
Iowa City, UI College of Business
Iowa City, Weather
Iowa City/Coralville, jeonet

Johnson, Nicholas

Austin Chronicle, Austin Cable Access 1998 celebration
Brucheum Group
Coalition for Networked Information (Meeks case, reference)
Cohen, Jeff and Solomon, Norman, article (self-censorship)
Eden, Eric, "Libel & Defamation in the Information Age"
Fist, Stewart, article, The Australian
"Hell's Bells" audio (archived)
Institute for Management Excellence (quotation)
Internet as Media
Johnson, Nicholas (Home Page)
Johnson, Wendell, Reference in Basic Books v. Kinko's
Lives of Western Saints
Maddox, Tom ("The Medium and the Message")
Media/CMC (Univ. Colorado, Denver; NJ link)
Rayburn Symposium at TAMU-C (Past symposia)
Reno/Rivlin Letter, signatory (Computer Assisted Legal Research, 1994)
Ryder, Martin, Media/CMC
Special Collections, University of Iowa Libraries


American Bar Association (ABA)
Askin, Frank, Rutgers
Attorney's Toolbox (cyberspace tools)
Berkman Center for Internet and Society (Harvard; courses, resources)
Chen and Palmer
Code of Federal Regulations
Computer Law Association
Cornell, Legal Information Institute, Topics
Court TV
Cyberspace Law, "After the Internet"
D.C. Bar Association
Free Legal Advice (worth every penny)
House of Representatives, U.S.
Internet Library (Phillips Nizer law firm)
IRQ Legal Pages
Kurtz, Professor Shelly, The
Law Crawler
Law Firms (computers/Internet)
Law Library, Chicago
Law Library, Indiana
Law Library, Iowa
Law Library, Texas
Law Professors, Froomkin, Michael
Law Professors, Junger, Peter D.
Law School, Georgetown University
Law School, University of California, Berkekey
Law School, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Law School, University of Iowa
Law School, University of Texas
Lex Mundi (global law firms)
Lex Mundi's 30,000 links (Hieros Gamos)
LEXIS®-NEXIS® Xchange (law school)
Martindale-Hubbell, About
Martindale-Hubbell, ""
Miller & Van Eaton, P.L.L.C.
Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C.
Ninth Circuit Homepage
Oblon Spivak McClelland Maier & Neustadt, P.C.
Ombudsperson (University of Iowa)
Richmond Journal of Law & Technology
Round Table Group
Supreme Court decisions, Cornell
Supreme Court Decisions, FedWorld
Texas, OAG
Touro College Law Center
TWEN (The West Education Network)
Washlaw (Washburn)

Law of Electronic Media (and see Communication Studies, Cyberspace Law, Media)

"Hell's Bells" audio (archived)
"Internet as Media" (links)
"Media Old & New" (Idea Central)
Alliance for Community Media
Austria, Information Technology
Cornell, Legal Information Institute, Topics
Eden, Eric, "Libel & Defamation in the Information Age"
Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)
Federal Communications Commission
Internet as Media
Junger, Peter D., Links
Kuester, Jeffrey, Technology (IP) Law Resource
Lex Mundi (global law firms)
Lex Mundi's 30,000 links (Hieros Gamos)
Lucent Technologies
Media/CMC (Martin Ryder)
Mokhiber, Russell, "The 10 Worst Corporations of 1993" (TCI)
National Association of Broadcasters
NTIA Links
Program on Information Resources Policy (Harvard)
Streeter, Tom ("Selling the Air")
Thomson & Thomson, IP links
TWEN (The West Education Network)
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
VON Coalition (Internet telephony)

Media (and see Communication Studies, Cyberspace Law, Global Media, Law of Electronic Media)

ABC News
American Film Institute
American Spectator
Asahi (Japan; English-language)
Atlantic Monthly, The
Austin Chronicle
Barnhart, Aaron, TVBARN.COM
BBC World Service
Beacon Press
Bergen (New Jersey) Record (Margulies cartoons)
Better Homes and Gardens
Biographies (Discovery)
Book Reviews
BookZone (1000s of links about books)
Boston Review
Bridges (Larry Josephson)
Business Week
Capitol Steps (audio)
Capitol Watch
Car Talk
CBC Radio (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)
CBS News Up to the Minute (overnight)
CBS SportsLine
CBS SportsLine (Baseball Live!)
CBS SportsLine (Baseball, Major League)
CBS SportsLine (Baseball/St. Louis Cardinals)
Cedar Rapids Gazette
Chicago Tribune
China News Digest
Citizens for Independent Public Broadcasting
CJR, Columbia Journalism Review
CJR, Pulitzer Prizes
Communications Law in Transition Newsletter (includes former Post-Soviet Media Law and Policy Newsletter)
Consumer Reports
Consumers Union (consumer advocacy)
Controlroom Radio
Court TV
Current Online (public broadcasting news)
Daily Iowan
Denver Post (business)
Des Moines Register
Discovery Channel
Essel, David Essel (talk show host)
FAIR -- Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting
Foreign Affairs
Fortune Daily Business Report
Freedom Forum
Frontline (PBS)
Greatest Films (Tim Dirks)
HarperCollins Publishers
Hollywood Online
Hollywood Reporter
Hot Wired: The Netizen
Idea Central (Electronic Policy Network magazine)
Inc. Magazine
Internews (Russia/FSU English Pages)
Iowa City Press-Citizen
Iowa City Press-Citizen (Gannett)
Iowa City Press-Citizen (jeonet)
Ivins, Molly (Ft. Worth Star-Telegram)
Jack Straw Foundation, The (diverse cultural programming; former KRAB-FM)
Josephson, Larry "Bridges" (NPR)
Kansas City Star
KGAN-TV2, Cedar Rapids
Los Angeles Times
Macmillan Computer Publishing
Magid, Frank N. Magid Associates
Media Watchdog
Men's Fitness
Miami Herald
Money Magazine
Moore, Michael ("The Awful Truth")
Mother Jones
MTV, Rock the Vote
Nation Group (Thai newspaper)
National Academy Press
National Film Board of Canada, Home Page
National Geographic
National Public Radio (NPR)
New York Times, full text
New Zealand News
News of the Weird (Chuck Shepherd)
Newsbytes News Network (Post-Newsweek)
Onion, The (humor)
PBS, NewsHour
PCN News, PointCast
Popular Science
Prairie Home Companion (Garrison Keillor)
Progressive Review, Smith, Sam, Editor
Public Radio International
Red Herring (tech biz news)
Reel Classics
Reuters Health Information Services
Rolling Stone
San Jose Mercury
ScienceDaily Magazine
Scientific American, 19th Century
Slate Magazine - New Today
Smart TV Magazine
Smoking Gun, The
South Carolina ETV (public broadcasting)
Sweden, Radio (Sverges Radio; RealAudio)
Symphony Space
Talk America Radio
Telemedicine Today Magazine
This American Life
Travel Channel
Universal Studios
UPI (United Press International)
USA Today
US News & World Report
Utne Reader
Wall Street Journal
Warsaw Voice
Washington Post
West Publishing Catalog
WindowsMedia (audio/video; Microsoft)
WOAI-AM, San Antonio
WSUI-AM (University of Iowa)


Music, Dylan, Bob
Music, Generad
Music, Grateful Dead
Music, International Lyrics
Music, Internet Resources (Sibelius Academy, Finland)
Song Lyrics (full text search)

Network Tools; Internet; Computers

24 Hour Support.Com
AltaVista: Translations
AOL Watch
Apple - Products - QuickTime
Avalon Net (Iowa City/Art Small)
bCentral (Web site hits counter)
Chip Merchant, The
Dazzle Multimedia (digital video)
Devhead (ZiffDavis)
DirecPC Digital Satellites
Domain Name Registration Services (Web design instruction)
ENSONIQ (drivers for sound card)
Free Email Address Directory
Free Graphics
Free Internet Access, NetZero
Free Internet Access, Alta Vista
Free Internet Access, dotNow
Free Internet Access,
Hughes, Dave (Old Colorado City Communications)
Internet Archive, The
Internet Navigator
Internet Service Providers, over 4500, "The List"
Java, Sun, language
KEYview (Web text reader)
Linux links (10,000 stations; broadcast your own)
Macmillan Computer Publishing
Manuals, Electronics
Museum of Dead, Gone and Obsolete Computers
Netscape Software
Network Solutions
OECD Internet Access Price Comparison, 2000
PointCast PCN News
Real Audio
Real Networks (streaming media authoring tools)
Scout Report
Shareware (links to sources)
Shields Up (Internet connection security analysis) (free e-mail, links)
Software Directory Directory, The ("Nerds' Heaven")
Spinning Globe, GIF, 68x68 pixels
Web Developers' Virtual Library
Web Diner
Web Review
WindowsMedia (audio/video)

Organizations, Commercial

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Amazon Books
Avalon Net (Iowa City/Art Small)
Bicycles, Recumbent, Information (1)
CarPoint (new and used car search) Microsoft
Chip Merchant, The
Coldwell Banker (real estate; database)
Consumer World
Dazzle Multimedia (digital video)
Eudora (Qualcomm)
Fodor's Personal Trip Planner I
GIANT, Art Small, Iowa City
Good Money (Social, Ethical and Environmental Investments)
Hy-Vee Food Stores Super CyberMarket
IBM (Small Business)
Leigh Bureau, The (lecture bureau)
Lucent Technologies
Magid, Frank N. Magid Associates
Majors Books (inc. law)
McLeod Telecommunications
MidAmerican Energy
Mutual Funds: Fidelity
Mutual Funds: Vanguard
New Balance, Browns Shoe Center
Quality Chekd Dairy , Inc. (Irving Weber)
Seattle FilmWorks
Timex (DataLink)
Travel - Microsoft Expedia
Travel - Reservations.Com
Travel - Travelocity
U.S. Robotics
USA Global Link
Vortex Technology
Wells Fargo

Organizations, Non-Profit, Public Interest

3HO (Kundalini Yoga)
Access Atlanta (example of neighborhood organizing by Web site)
Advocacy Institute
Alliance for Community Media
AlterNet, Institute for Alternative Journalism
American Academy of Pediatrics
American Bar Association/Central and East European Law Initiative (CEELI)
American Cancer Society
American Heart Association
American Library Association
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association
Amnesty International
AOL Watch
Aspen Institute
Better Business Bureau (includes evaluations of charities)
Center for Defense Information
Children's Defense Fund
Citizens for Independent Public Broadcasting
Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
Computers, Freedom and Privacy
CFP98: Program of Events
Conference of Mayors, U.S.
Consumer Reports
Consumers Union (consumer advocacy)
Consumer World
Discovery Trail (cross U.S. multi-purpose)
Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)
Environmental Justice
Ethical Consumer, Guides for the
Feminiist Majority Foundation
Ford Foundation
Freedom Forum
Global SchoolNet Foundation
Green Parties of North America
Heritage Foundation
Hospice, National Hospice Organization
IGC Progressive Directory
Internet Archive, The
Internetworks in International Development
Iowa City Amateur Radio Club
Jack Straw Foundation, The (diverse cultural programming; former KRAB-FM)
Kettering Foundation
Libraries for the Future
Lincoln Center
MacArthur Foundation
McSpotlight (anti-McDonalds)
Nader Page, The
National Academy Press
National Charities Information Bureau
National Education Association (NEA)
National Issues Forums
New Civilization Network
Orthodox Christian Foundation
PeaceNet, Institute for Global Communications
Public Interest Jobs (PIRG)
Rainbow Coalition
Scattergood Friends School
Welcome to SEIUnet
Sierra Club
Sinsinawa Dominicans
Soros Foundation
Swedish Information Service
Terry Sanford Inst. Pub. Policy, Duke
Urban Institute
Volunteer Opportunities, SERVEnet
VON Coalition (Internet telephony)
Web Networks (APC)
Weight Watchers International
Working Assets
Wildlife Society
Writers' Guild of Amerca
Zero Population Growth


Airport Three-Letter Codes
American Verse Project
Artcyclopedia (art on the Internet)
Buddhist Links
Coyote, Peter Coyote
Cyrano (love letters)
Einstein, Albert
EXPO (online exhibits) (free rough translations)
Get Organized Club
History Net
Home repair, building
Judaism ("ClickonJudaism")
Kasparov v. Deep Blue
Listening Post (Shortwave Radio)
Mesquakie (Sac and Fox)
Monterey Bay Acquarium
Net Grocer
Photo Exhibit ("Photo Forum")
Plagiarism Detection Programs, Cheater
Plagiarism Detection Programs, Glatt
PrisonZone (prison graphics)
Raccoon Foot Print
Research Paper (writing assistance)
Stacks & Stacks (products for organizing)
Time, Naval Observatory
Tramline ("virtual tours")
Topica (links to e-mail/lists discussions)
Virtual Design Group, Inc. (e-mail voodoo dolls)
Virtual Florist (and see Greeting Cards)
Web Exhibits Catalogue


Bill Bradley for President
Center for Governmental Studies
Congressional Email Directory
Democratic National Committee
Freedom Channel
Go Vote
Idea Central (Electronic Policy Network magazine)
IRCPolitics Links
LBJ Library
Listing of directory: /dolewatch1
MTV, Rock the Vote
Rainbow Coalition
Republican National Committee
U.S. House of Representatives: Official Site
U.S. Senate: Official Site

Reference and Research (and see Law, Law of Electronic Media)

African American Web Connection
Aspen Institute
Bartlett's Quotations
BNA (Bureau of National Affairs)
Britannica, Encyclopedia
Code of Federal Regulations
Encyclopedia Britannica Online
Encyclopaedia of the Orient
Federal Statistics
Franklin Institute Science Museum
Inkspot (writers' resource)
Internet Library (Phillips Nizer law firm)
Iowa Agricultural Extension Publications
Iowa City Public Library
Iowa Library Association (with links to resources)
Knowledge at Wharton
Law Library, Chicago
Law Library, Indiana
Law Library, Iowa
Law Library, Texas
Lexis Counsel Connect/LawLinks
Library of Congress
Library of Congress Online Catalog
Library, Maryland State, Sailor
Library Spot (online libraries, resources)
National Academy Press
New York Times' CyberTimes Navigator
OneLook Dictionaries
Point (links to best sites)
Project Gutenberg Directory
Public Library, The Internet (1000s of links)
Scout Report
Song Lyrics
Song Lyrics (full text search)
Statistical Universe
Study Links (InData Group research)
Study Web (over 40,000 research sites)
United Nations
Writers' Resources

Shopping; Finance

A-List (computer related products)
Advanced Small Business Information
American Success Institute
Better Business Bureau (includes evaluations of charities)
Business Plan Center
Business Plans By BizPlanIt.Com (consumer complaints processing; not free)
Consumer E-News Alert
Ethical Consumer, Guides for the
Financial: Retirement Analysis
Free Credit Analyzer
Gadgeteer, The
Good Money (Social, Ethical and Environmental Investments)
Home Business Research
MoneyCentral (Microsoft MSN)
Priceline ("make me an offer")
Rental Housing
Salary Calculator (compare costs of living)
SaveWealth (estate and retirement)
Small Business Owners' Help Center (free e-mail, links)
Social Security Administration
Tax Forms, calculator
Venture Capital Sources
Wells Fargo
Yahoo! Realestate

Southeast Asia (and see Geographical Areas, Global Trade, Global Media) [created for Cyberspace Law, 1997]

Asia Foundation
Asia Inc
Asia Times
Attorney's Toolbox (cyberspace tools)
Berkman Center for Internet and Society (Harvard; courses, resources)
Center for Law Practice Technology
China News Digest
China Times
Citing Internet Resources, Walker
CompLaw (former Computer Law Center of South Florida)
Computer Law Association
Cyber Law Centre (UK)
Cybercrimes (University of Dayton School of Law)
Cyberlspace Law, Geist, Michael (U Ottawa)
Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)
India, All India Radio
Law Firms (computers/Internet)
Learning Cyberlaw in Cyberspace
Lex Mundi (global law firms)
Lex Mundi's 30,000 links (Hieros Gamos)
North Korea Central News Agency
Program on Information Resources Policy (Harvard)
Richmond Journal of Law & Technology
Singapore: AsiaOne Homepage
Sri Lanka
Telemedicine Today Magazine
Thailand Bangkok Post Economic Review
Thailand Nation Group (newspaper)
Thailand WWW Virtual Library
World Bank


Baseball: major league baseball
CBS SportsLine
CBS SportsLine (Baseball Live!)
CBS SportsLine (Baseball, Major League)
CBS SportsLine (Baseball/St. Louis Cardinals)
St. Louis Cardinals

Travel (and see "Cities")

Budget Travel
Car Rentals, Discounts
Frommer's (Arthur) Budget Travel
Global Volunteers (info and reservations; 30,000 hotels)
Los Angeles (SoCalHiker; an outdoor guide)
OceanBlue (beaches)
Online City Guide (guides to 1700 cities)
Rough Guides (travel books online; cities; countries)
RVs (Woodall's)
Travel, "Great Outdoor Recreation Pages"
Travel - Microsoft Expedia
Travel - Reservations.Com (all-purpose travel resouces)
USA Hotel Guide

Universities, Research Organizations

Aspen Institute
Campus Tours
Computing Research Association
Duke University
Escuela de Periodismo
Franklin Institute Science Museum
Georgetown University
Harvard Business School
Internet University
Iowa State University
MIT Media-Lab
National Academy Press
National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian
Public Library, The Internet
Smithsonian Institution
UI, Information Technology Services
UI, Ophthalmology Department
University of California, Berkeley
University of California, San Diego
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
University of Iowa
UT Austin Web Central


EarthWatch (weather)
National Weather Service (NWS/NOAA)
Weather: General
Weather: General, University of Michigan
Weather: National Weather Service
Weather: U Wisconsin Space Science & Engineering Center
Weather: Weather Channel
Weather Underground

Unsorted Additions Since Last Revision
Encyclopedia Britannica
Laurel, Alicia Bay
Firstar Bank
Open Here (general purpose site)
Broadcast America (radio and general purpose)
Broadcast Asia (radio)
Rainwater Harvesting (cisterns)
Iowa 2010 (travel)
Heritage Foundation, The
Legal Aid (ABA's "Legal Services Now" newletter)
ABA Division for Legal Services
Bike to Work
National Geographic
Iowa Farmer Today
Cam: Corn Cam (Iowa Farmer Today)
On Health
Hunger Site (free food donations)
Web Site Assist (
Law Firms' Salaries (FindLaw's
Johnson, Alexander (OSU Pulse Magazine)
Freeware (free software)
Williams, Mason
TimeDollar Institute
Iowa Counties (lots of state information)
Des Moines Register
Quad City Times (Iowa)
Cedar Rapids Gazette (money in politics)
GlobeXplorer (satellite maps)
Chicago Sun-Times
MiddleWeb (middle school reform)
Classroom Connection (teacher network; educational grants)
Encarta Encyclopedia
Iowa, State of (main Web page)
Election Ideas (political campaign materials)
Green Party (worldwide Green parties)
Green Party (North America Green parties)
Special Counsel (legal personnel)
Namibian, The (newspaper)
Letterman, David (The Late Show)
Maher, Bill (Politically Incorrect)
Stewart, Jon (The Daily Show)
Vision Iowa
GOP Bias
Geist, Michael, Web Casebook
Geist, Michael
555-1212 (Directory Information)
AnyWho (search; directories)
Western Governors University
Kentucky Virtual University
Art Of Business Web Site Promotion
Buying a New Computer? (Peabody Institute Library)
Peabody Institute Library Reference Sources
Consumer Review
Virtual Tourist
Medline Plus (pharmaceuticals)
National Library of Medicine
FirstGov (seniors)
Trip Advisor
Local Harvest
Country Watch
Famous Birthdays
U.S. Gov't Organization Manual
Systems Analysis
The Daily Show
Development Dimensions Int'l
Software and Information Industry Ass'n
All Readers (help finding books you'll like)
Creating Web Graphics
A-Z Free Clipart Graphics
World Gazetteer (countries' population, statistics)
How Much Information? (world's annual information production)
Florida Keys
Business Week
First Gov
Common Dreams (progressive community news)
UI News Services (UI national news)
Nader, UI Students for
Food & Nutrition, UI (includes today's memus)
Cartoonbank (New Yorker cartoons)
Feldman, Michael ("Whad'Ya Know?)
Smart411 Yellow Pages
Small Business Info Center
Apartment Renting [open source software archive; done in "slashcode"]
XPLANE (articles about "visual thinking"; done in "slashcode")
Slashdot (source for "slashcode")
Webmonkey (web developers' resource)
Electronic Journals (U.S. Dep't of State)
Computer History (The Computer Museum)
Pop-up Campers ("Popup Times")
Proven Resumes
Career Journal (Wall Street Journal)
Hotmail (free e-mail)
Movies, Iowa City (Yahoo)
Virus Hoaxes (McAfee)
Do It Yourself Network
Census 2000 (U.S. Census Bureau)
Times, The, of London (4300 city guides)
Le Monde
RV Home
Great Outdoors Recreation Pages ("GORP")
Money 101 (Money Magazine)
Warriors of the Net
Internet, packets, movie (Warriors of the Net)
Hills Bank
Iowa City / Coralville Area Online Resource
Writer's Digest: The Insider's Guide to the Writing Life
Writer’s Digest - Hot List
Preditors & Editors
The Religious Movements Homepage @ The University of Virginia - Working Life
Welcome to Nutrition.Gov
healthfinder® - your free guide to reliable health information
healthfinder® kids
The Exploratorium: the museum of science, art and human perception.
Exploratorium Snack: Exploratorium Science Snacks Audio | Me Talk Pretty One Day
Scouting For All