Nicholas Johnson is Webmaster and author of most of this Web site’s content — with links to thousands of screens and a wide variety of resources.

KHOI-FM Birthday Party. Nicholas Johnson most recently spoke on Sunday, August 23, 2015, on the occasion of the third anniversary of Ames, Iowa, local, non-profit, radio station KHOI-FM. The speech was broadcast on KHOI-FM August 27, 2015, at noon as part of “KHOI Previews the Arts and Heart of Iowa,” and the audio is available here — following introductory remarks by KHOI-FM’s Ursula Ruedenberg and ACLU of Iowa’s Veronica Fowler (00:00-12:10), the speech runs from 12:10-52:45, followed by Q&A to 57:10. Although video and transcript are not yet available, a 21-page, 73-footnoted paper prepared for the occasion, from which material was drawn for his remarks, is available at this link: The Origins and Future of Radio. The following day, KHOI-FM “Local Talk” co-hosts Gale Seiler and Ursula Ruedenberg told about the KHOI Birthday Celebration that took place on Sunday and played excerpts from the talk given by Nicholas Johnson. Click here for a link to that program.

There are lots of wonderful Nicholas Johnsons — rocket scientists, economists, baseball players, and even other law professors. This Nicholas Johnson is best known as a former Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission and Iowa City School Board member, who recently retired (at 80, while retaining his office) from teaching cyberlaw at the University of Iowa College of Law. For more about him than even his mother would ever have wanted to know, check out his bio, this Web site, and his blog, http://FromDC2Iowa.blogspot.com

Why “From DC to Iowa”? Because much of the content relates both to Washington, D.C., and “outside the beltway” — the heartland, specifically Iowa. And because after going from Iowa to Washington via Texas and California he subsequently returned, “FromDC2Iowa,” to his family home in Iowa City.

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